Wolf Pup Misses His Pack (Pre-Order June 1st/2022)

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S.P. Joseph Lyons
Grade Levels:
One, Two, Three, Four
Multiple Nations
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Indigenous Education Press
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Wolf Pup Misses His Pack is about a young wolf pup who moves from home to home looking for a safe place to stay while Mother and Father Wolf get healthy. As Wolf Pup left his family with his brother, Mother Wolf gave the Pups Sweetgrass. Mother Wolf taught them that Sweetgrass, a Sacred Medicine, would give them peace when they felt scared and alone. On their journey to find a new home, the pups visit Grandmother and Grandfather Wolf. They tired easily and had no room for Wolf Pup. As Wolf Pup was leaving, Grandfather Wolf handed him some Cedar for strength as he continued his journey. Wolf Pup then stayed with Auntie Wolf a while but then had to leave. Auntie Wolf gave him some Sage. Learn with Wolf Pup as he continues to find a safe place to stay.

Algonquin author S.P. Joseph Lyons, from Kitigan Zibi First Nation has also written Little Bear in Foster Care.  Wolf Pup Misses His Pack is a second book in his Foster Care Series. 

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