Before Columbus: The Americas of 1491, hardcover ed


Before Columbus: The Americas of 1491 is the companion book for young readers by the author of 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus, Charles Mann. This 117-page book covers the history of the Americas and the Indigenous Peoples prior to the arrival of Columbus and extends to the period of the Pilgrims and Tisquantum (Squanto). Through numerous archival images and paintings created by Europeans the author attempts to answer the long-held American myth that the United States was a barren wilderness prior to Columbus.

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Girl Who Loved Wild Horses, The, hardcover ed (revised)


The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses is a reprint of Paul Goble's picture book about a Plains girl and her love for wild horses. First issued in 1978, this reprint supposedly follows a traditional Plains story about horses. Unfortunately the author fails to provide tribal identity and sources for the book. The reader is drawn to the flowing full-colour painting of a Plains camp from long ago. The horses are drawn with such care and style that the reader is drawn to the images.

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