Le Capteur de Rêves et les Sept Tentations (Dreamcatcher & the Seven Deceivers), hardcover ed


Le Capteur de Rêves et les Sept Tentations is the French language edition of Dreamcatcher & the Seven Deceivers by Métis author David Bouchard. The sequel to Les Sept Enseignements Sacres (Seven Sacred Teachings), warns readers about voices one can expect to hear during our dreamtime, voices that do not represent the Sacred Teachings. In his introduction Bouchard explains long before the colonization efforts began, First Nations had prophesies that forewarned the people.

Price: $24.95

Sous la Lune de Corbeau: Ba'naboy' laxa Gwa'wina 'Makwala, hardcover ed


Sous la Lune de Corbeau: Ba'naboy' laxa Gwa'wina 'Makwala is the French edition of David Bouchard's book, Beneath Raven Moon. Métis storyteller takes a Kwakwaka'wakw-inspired story about the important role of Grandmother Moon in the lives of the Earth's peoples and creates a bilingual (French/Kwak'wala) picture book. Moving colour art images by Andy Everson captures the mood of the story in surprising detail. Kwak'wala translation by Pauline Alfred and Pewi Alfred. The accompanying audio CD includes the story in French  and Kwak'wala, with flute music provided by Mary Youngblood.

Price: $24.95

Tant Que Couleront Les Rivieres (As Long as the Rivers Flow: A Last Summer Before Residential School), paper ed


Tant Que Couleront Les Rivieres is the French edition of As Long as the Rivers Flow: A Last Summer Before Residential School, a poignant story for children about the joyous summer spent in northern Alberta in 1944. The story focuses on the daily routine of a ten-year-old Cree boy named Lawrence. His days are filled with family activities and personal adventures. At the beginning of summer Lawrence overhears the adults talking about how the children would have to attend a school far away and that this school was something like prison.

Price: $15.95

Shi-shi-etko, French edition, hardcover ed


Shi-shi-etko is the French language edition of Nicola Campbell's children's picture book about an Interior Salish child with just four more days at home until she goes to residential school. The young girl of this recent offering spends her final four days experiencing quality time with her mother, father and grandmother. Each adult allows the child to experience the environment around her. Mother takes her daughter to the creek where she sings a special song that belongs to the family. Shi-ski-etko wades in the water and takes in all the experiences the land and water offer.

Price: $19.95

La Pirogue de Shin-chi (Shin-chi's Canoe), hardcover ed


La Pirogue de Shin-chi is the French edition of Shin-chi's Canoe by Nicola Campbell. This sequel to Shi-shi-etko is a story about a young girl's first year at residential school. In this second picture book, Shi-shi-etko returns for another school year and brings along her six-year-old brother. Shin-chi loves to fish and accompany his father in the canoe. But a new experience awaits and his sister helps him prepare for what will happen at school.

Price: $19.95

Louis, Fils des Prairies (Louis, Son of the Prairie), paper ed


Louis, Fils des Prairies is the French language edition of Louis, Son of the Prairies about the early life of Métis leader, Louis Riel. Told in a fictionalized series of anecdotes, the book attempts to provide students with an account of a Métis child's life in mid-nineteenth century western Canada. Louis Riel's early influences and activities as a Métis child growing up in the St. Boniface Red River Settlement are told in a series of dialogues. The reader learns about childhood games, friendships, the buffalo hunt, Red River flood, and the fur trade.

Price: $9.95

La Plus Belle Création de Corbeau (Raven's Greatest Creation: Gaagaagi Ogichi-gikendaasowin), hardcover ed


La Plus Belle Création de Corbeau is the French and Ojibwe edition of Raven's Greatest Creation: Gaagaagi Ogichi-gikendaasowin, from Métis author and storyteller David Bouchard. Bouchard has dreamed this version of creation story of Skyworld, Raven, and the ultimate creation of two-leggeds or humans. Cherokee artist Brigitte Lopez has created a colourful and majestic series of paintings for this book. The animals such as Swan, Bear, Buffalo, Cougar, and Raven take on other-worldly appearances.

Price: $24.95

Qu'appelle, hardcover ed (French edition), hardcover ed


Qu'appelle (French edition) by Métis poet and storyteller David Bouchard combines a romanticized retelling of the origin of Qu'Appelle Valley in Saskatchewan with the evocative paintings by Cree artist Michael Lonechild. Bouchard explains how he first heard the compelling story about the region's name. Qu'Appelle can be traced to a Cree story about love and heartbreak between a First Nation's couple. Michael Lonechild draws upon his vivid memories of Saskatchewan's landscapes during the four seasons as his inspiration for the collaboration.

Price: $21.95

Je Suis Corbeau (I Am Raven), hardcover ed


Je Suis Corbeau (I Am Raven: A Story of Discovery) is the French edition by Métis author David Bouchard about the importance of understanding one's character. Using the exquisite illustrations of artist Andy Everson, the author explains this journey to self-knowledge using readily identifiable Northwest Coast imagery and story. Finding one's true identity through the story about a wise chief and his quest to organize a potlatch provides readers with concrete examples from the human and animal worlds.

Price: $22.95

Les Sept Enseignements Sacrés, hardcover ed


Les Sept Enseignements Sacrés, Niizhwaaswi aanike'iniwendiwin waabishiki mashkode bizhikiins ikwe is the French translation of Seven Sacred Teachings of White Buffalo Calf Woman. This picture book from Metis author David Bouchard is co-written with Joseph Martin; Cree translator Mary Cardinal; and published by Les Editions des Plainesza. This book is illustrated by Kristy Cameron. The book is packaged with a DVD featuring the story read in English, Cree, Ojibwe, French, South Slavey, and Chipewyan.

Price: $24.95