Le Secret de Ton Nom (The Secret of Your Name), hardcover ed


Le Secret de Ton Nom, Kiimooch ka shinikashooyen, Aen Kishchitaymook Aen Li Michif Iwik, is the 2010 children's picture book by renowned Métis author David Bouchard. The French and Michif book draws in readers with the warmth and detailed colour art illustrations by Dennis J. Weber as well as the poetic verses written in English and Michif. The story of the author's identity is told in the spare text and the engaging images. He begins with acknowledging the early contact period of the French and First Nations.

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Si Tu N'es Pas De La Prairie (If You're Not From the Prairie), hardcover ed


Si Tu N'es Pas De La Prairie is the French edition of David Bouchard's picture book, If You're Not from the Prairie. This is the perfect picture book for those who grew up in the Canadian Prairies or wish they did. Combing simple poetic verse with the nostalgic paintings by Henry Ripplinger, Métis author David Bouchard's 1994 volume is valuable for teachers looking for examples of poetry, mentor texts, or adults who will appreciate the attractive images of the carefree Prairies boy who becomes the work worn farmer.

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