Bawaajimo, paperback ed.


Bawaajimo, A Dialect of Dreams in Anishinaabe Language and Literature by Margaret Noodin, discusses Anishinaabe language and literature through the works of four writers representing a range of contemporary Anishinaabe literature: Louise Erdrich, Jim Northrup, Basil Johnston and Gerald Vizenor, who share a world view, a common cultural, linguistic and literary heritage. Their works reflect patterns of identity, conscious survival, universal life and stirred thoughts respectively.

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Centering Anishinaabeg Studies: Understanding the World Through Stories, paper ed


Centering Anishinaabeg Studies: Understanding the World Through Stories is a remarkable book that has collected 23 remarkable essays about the way Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal scholars and storytellers approach the study of Anishinaabeg (Ojibwe) cultural history, worldview, and thinking. The three editors responded to calls for tribally-centered critical approaches in American Indian Studies/Native Studies, this critical anthology focuses on Anishinaabeg (Ojibwe/Chippewa) Studies and the ways in which stories might serve as a center for the field.

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Visualities: Perspectives on Contemporary American Indian Film and Art, paper ed


Visualities: Perspectives on Contemporary American Indian Film and Art is one of the titles in the American Indian Studies Series published by Michigan State University Press. Editor Denise Cummings has collected ten essays that address Indigenous film practices and contemporary American Indian art.

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Anishinaubae Thesaurus, paper ed


Anishinaubae Thesaurus is a unique Ojibwe language resource by noted linguist Basil Johnston. This thesaurus provides Ojibwe language teachers and students with a handy reference for synonyms and antonyms. Johnston notes in the introduction that his purpose was to provide a starting point for creating a listing of commonly used nouns, verbs, prefixes, suffixes, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, prepositions, and pronouns in thesaurus format. This thesaurus is practical because it lists the names and uses of 250 plants, topographical features, and 650 prefixes.

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Rethinking Michigan Indian History, paper ed


Rethinking Michigan Indian History is a new teacher resource that provides lesson ideas for challenging current understandings of Ojibwe, Odawa, Potawatomi and Wendat of Michigan. With resources ideal for grade four to high school and beyond, this teacher guide tackles common stereotypes, treaties, heroes, and the role of maps in understanding history. Divided into four sections, the book looks at common stereotypes of Native Americans and First Nations found in sports mascots, advertising, and visual images found in any classroom.

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Schoolcraft's Ojibwa Lodge Stories: Life on the Lake Superior Frontier, reprint, paper ed


Schoolcraft's Ojibwa Lodge Stories: Life on the Lake Superior Frontier is the reissue of Henry Schoolcraft's irregular manuscript magazine, Muzzeniegun. Henry Rowe Schoolcraft (1793–1864) was an American ethnologist, born near Albany, N.Y. The contents were first issued in 1827 and contain articles, poems, and announcements on all aspects of Ojibwe life and customs. The subjects included historic battles, ceremonies, burials, fur trade, war chants and songs, totems, the effect of alcohol upon Indians, and the intertribal war between the Chippewa and Sioux.

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To Be The Main Leaders of Our People: A History of Minnesota Ojibwe Politics, 1825-1898, paper ed LIMITED QUANTITY


In order to reveal the nature and extent of this struggle for legitimacy and authority, To Be The Main Leaders of Our People reconstructs the political and social history of these Minnesota Ojibwe communities between the years 1825 and 1898. Ojibwe political concerns, the thoughts and actions of Ojibwe political leaders, and the operation of the Ojibwe political system define the work's focus. Rebecca Kugel examines this particular period of time because of its significance to contemporary Ojibwe history.

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