Canada's Visual History CD-ROM


Canada's Visual History CD-ROM from the National Film Board and the Canadian Museum of Civilization contains an 80-volume collection of images and historical articles on Canadian history. The CD-ROM includes 2,400 archival photographs, paintings, drawings, maps, and charts. The content covers precontact to recent Canadian social history. First developed as slide sets, each of the 80 volumes were written by specialists in history, archaeology, or anthropology. The original slide set consisted of 30 slides of historic and archival images and an essay and bibliography.

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Sacred Sundance: The Transfer of a Ceremony DVD, The (Home DVD Use Only)


The Sacred Sundance: The Transfer of a Ceremony is written and directed by Brian J Francis tells the story of how a traditional Plains healing ceremony was transferred from the Lakota people to Elsipogtog First Nation by Elder William Nevin. This sacred healing ceremony moved William Nevin to dance for his critically ill children. After their recovery he committed to bring this important spiritual ceremony to his community. Participants tell of their experiences with the Sundance and how it changed their lives and continues to inspire them.

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How People Got Fire DVD (Home DVD Use Only)


How people Got Fire is an animated children's DVD retelling the story about the origin of fire according to Elder Kitty Smith from the Kwanlin D³n First Nation. Narrators are Louise Profeit-Leblanc and Jonnie-Lyn Kushniruk. Anit-bullying message as well as globalization contained in this DVD. Rotoscoping is an animation technique in which animators trace over live-action film movement, frame by frame, for use in animated films. Home Use Only. This NFB Home Use Only DVD from is only available for sale in Canada. For

Price: $21.95

Little Caughnawaga: To Brooklyn and Back DVD (Home DVD Use Only)


Little Caughnawaga: To Brooklyn and Back DVD is written and directed by Reaghan Tarbell. Released in 2008 this National Film Board of Canada DVD explores the lives of Kahnawake Mohawk families who participated in the economic migration to New York City during the 1920s to present day. Women are the focus of this film as their lives were changed when their fathers and husbands sought work on high steel as ironworkers in New York. The families moved to a ten block corner of Brooklyn.

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L’íl’wata DVD (Home DVD Use Only)


L’íl’wata DVD is Alanis Obomsawin's 1975 film re-mastered and re-released on DVD from the National Film Board. In her early film career, Alanis Obomsawin visited the people of the L’íl’wata First Nation and provided them with an opportunity to record their personal narratives about their culture, history, education, and the impact of residential schools. This Interior Salish community presents their version of history in this 55-minute DVD. The package includes an information booklet about the history of the First Nation's introduction to filmmaking.

Price: $35.95

Indigenous Plant Diva DVD (Home DVD Use Only)


Indigenous Plant Diva DVD is a nine minute NFB documentary written and directed by Kamala Todd. Set in the downtown section of Vancouver, Cease Wyss, a Squamish herbalist is showing her daughter the healing powere of common plants. This NFB Home Use Only DVD from is only available for sale in Canada. For USA orders contact or phone: 1-800-542-2164

Price: $25.00

Paradox of Norval Morrisseau, The (Home DVD Use Only)


The Paradox of Norval Morrisseau is a 28-minute film produced by the National Film Board of Canada and first released in 1974. Directed by Duke Redbird and Henning Jacobs, the film looks at the paintings of Morrisseau through his own words and images. Included is the gallery owner Jack Pollock's perspective on his promotion of this outstanding Ojibwe artist.
This NFB Home Use Only DVD from is only available for sale in Canada. For USA orders contact or phone: 1-800-542-2164

Price: $25.00

Native Legends (Compilation) (Home DVD Use Only)


Native Legends is a 24-minute DVD produced by the National Film Board of Canada. The compilation includes The Owl Who Married a Goose, Summer Legend, and The Owl and the Raven. These traditional Inuit and Mi'kmaq legends are adapted into animations and a puppet show to interest young children in storytelling. Summer Legend is the classic story about Glooscap's battle against Winter and how he successfully brought summer to the Mi'kmaq of Eastern Canada. The other two legends are Inuit stories.

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Cold Journey (Home DVD Use Only)


Cold Journey, first released in 1975, features First Nation actors Buckley Petawabano, Chief Dan George, and Johnny Yesno in this National Film Board drama about a Cree youth who tries to cope with life after residential school. The film is narrated by Johnny Yesno who plays the Ojibwe janitor who befriended the youth during Buckley's years at residential school. Shot on location on reserves in northern Saskatchewan and Manitoba, the 75-minute film has the feel of a tragic documentary.

Price: $25.00