Out of Muskoka, paper ed


Throughout Out Of Muskoka Jim Bartleman contrasts the universal existential conditions he faced as a child (discrimination, poverty, suicide, religious quest) with what he experienced as a diplomat serving in five continents over 35 years. In the process, he discovered that to feel whole, he had to feel accepted by the two worlds of his ancestry: Native and white. In 2002, James Bartleman was named Lieutenant Governor of Ontario.

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Kenojuak: The Life Story of an Inuit Artist, hardcover ed


Kenojuak is regarded as one of the most notable pioneers of modern Inuit art. Born in an igloo in 1927, she was one of the first Inuit women in Cape Dorset to begin drawing about forty years ago. She has since created thousands of drawings and many carvings from soapstone, etchings, stone-cuts, and prints. In this biography of her life as both an artist and a person, Ansgar Walk records the story of a woman who lost her father by dramatic events in early youth and who, not yet 25 years old, had to be treated for several years for tuberculosis in a hospital far away from home.

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Voice of the Natives: The Canadian North and Alaska, The


The Voice of the Natives The Canadian North and Alaska is a coffee table book of 128 full-colour photographs accompanied by 13 essays and 40 black and white archival photographs about the North. The photographer, Hans Blohm, spent 30 years documenting the people and landscape of the Canadian and US northern regions. The pictorial works cover portraiture, documentary, and postcard-perfect images of the land. Interspersed throughout the text are archival images that bear no relation to the text.

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Where Only The Elders Go - Moon Lake Loon Lake, paper ed


Where Only The Elders Go - Moon Lake Loon Lake is a picture book for young readers by gifted Ojibwe author Jan Bourdeau Waboose. In this gentle story about the circle of life, a young Ojibwe boy hears the crying of the loon. He recalls his Mishomis (grandfather) and the teachings about life and death. Elders have a special place, Moon Lake Loon Lake, where they go at the end of their life's journey. Soft pastel watercolours capture the tranquil mood and spiritual nature of the ideas presented in the text. Moon Lake Loon Lake is a peaceful place that is sacred.

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Killing the Shamen, paper ed


Killing the Shamen is the story of the Sandy Lake Cree of northwestern Ontario and their clash with the Canadian criminal justice system in 1907. Jack Fiddler, shaman and leader, together with his brother, Joseph Fiddler, were charged with murder in the death of a possessed woman who had become a windigo. The two men were taken to Norway House in Manitoba for trial. This compelling story is told through the words of several Cree Elders who in 1971 began a search for the truth with the author, James R. Stevens.

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Soapstone Carving For Children - Out of a Stone a Bird Was Born, 2nd ed UNAVAILABLE


UNAVAILABLE Soapstone Carving For Children - Out of a Stone a Bird Was Born is a step-by-step instruction guide for children who are interested in soapstone sculpture. Soaspstone also called steatite is a soft mineral found throughout the world. It is used for a variety of purposes including as a carving material. The author is a Vancouver teacher who has conducted numerous workshops on soapstone carving. Children as young as 8 can use soapstone for artistic purposes. This illustrated guide takes the reader through the process of carving soapstone.

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Teaching Soapstone Carving for Children - A Teacher's Guide OUT OF PRINT


OUT OF PRINT Teaching Soapstone Carving for Children - A Teacher's Guide is the teacher resource that accompanies Soapstone Carving for Children. Vancouver teacher Bonnie Gosse has produced a step-by-step guide for teachers who want to add soapstone carving to their elementary classes. She begins with brief sections on the history of soapstone (steatite) carving worldwide; ideas for introducing the project to a class; various animal figures for projects; and techniques for getting started. The safe use of tools and the stone are covered, as well as preparing the carving area.

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Story of Chakapas, The, 3rd printing, paper ed


The Story of Chakapas is a Cree legend told by Cree Elder Adam Ballentyne (Ballantyne) in 1936. Naturalist and cartographer Prentice G Downes collected several traditional stories during his visits with Adam Ballentyne at Pelican Narrows in northeastern Saskatchewan. The collector's daughter, Annie Downes Catterson, retells the story for young readers in simple text and illustrations. In the story, the Cree teacher and hunter Chakapas traps the moon with a snare. The people plead with Chakapas to release the moon because they need its light for travelling.

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Legends From The Forest, 3rd printing


Legends From The Forest is a collection of 34 traditional stories from Sandy Lake Cree storytellers gathered by James R. Stevens. Chief Thomas Fiddler who was in his eighties when the book was published in 1985 tells most of the stories. Other storytellers include Edward Rae, Titus Goodman, Thomas Linklater, and Abel Fiddler. The stories are organized around key cultural heroes such as Weesakayjac, and later historical figures such as the Yorkboat men, Young Lad, Man Always Sitting, and the Marten.

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