Kanienkeha':ha - A Beginner's Mohawk Language Curriculum, paperback ed.


Kanienkeha':ha - A Beginner's Mohawk Language Curriculum : This resource is meant to introduce learners to the Kanienkeha':ka language. The parts of speech are nine as in other languages – the article, noun, adjective, pronoun, adverb, preposition, conjunction, interjection and the verb. With lessons in grammatical structures for learners to understand words/phrases. These will be studied as they arise, and learners are not expected to know all in this course.

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Community Gardens Grow, Eat and Learn, hardcover ed.


Community Gardens Grow, Eat and Learn by Judy Reuben, Mohawk of the Turtle Clan, is about the four kinds of plants on earth placed by the Creator. The grasses, tress, flowers and vegetables. First Nations have always had a unique connection to the land, and a responsibility to take care of Mother Earth. Joining a community gardening group is a meaningful way to re-connect with Mother Earth. "Just like the plants and medicines that the Creator gave us, we too, can live in harmony with our neighbours and support each other on our journeys to build a sustainable food system".

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Spring Goose Camp, hardcover ed.


Spring Goose Camp by Judy Reuben, Mohawk from the Turtle Clan, is a story about bannock, maple syrup and wild bluebarry jam and food that is traditionally harvested, foraged, fished or hunted. As Michael and his family get everything ready for camp, the journey, and arriving at the family's traditional hunting grounds, he is given life lessons and teachings about food sustainability and for which he thanks the Creator.

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In Memory of Feast: Memories of Residential School Survivors, paperback ed.


In Memory of Feast: Memories of Residential School Survivors by Judy Reuben, Mohawk from the Turtle Clan, are stories of childhood food memories of Residential School Survivors. These stories record early food memories prior to entering this school system. The stories share the knowledge that many Indigenous families relied on traditional foods and were food secure prior to the introduction of western foods.Traditional foods and practices - fishing, hunting, trapping and gathering - played an integral role in health and strength.

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Akhwatsirehkó:wa – My Big Family, paperback ed.


'Akhwatsirehkó:wa – My Big Family” is a 450 page book by Indigenous lacrosse stars Brendan Bomberry and Brennor Jacobs who explore how the game of lacrosse has spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually aided players from all around the world, through their differing experiences within the sport. Dive into the world of lacrosse from an Indigenous perspective as we discover the affects and just how big of an impact the Creators game has had on those who have come to play the sport around the world.

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