Histories of Anthropology Annual, Volume 1, paper ed


Histories of Anthropology Annual Volume 1 is a collection of 10 essays edited by Regna Darnell and Frederic Gleach. One of the most significant essays is by linguist Michael K. Foster. Jacob Ezra Thomas: Educator and Conservator of Iroquois Culture pays tribute to the life work of Cayuga Chief Jake Thomas from Six Nations of the Grand River. The other essay of interest is Trends in Image and Design: Reflections on 25 Years of a Tribal Museum Era by Patricia Pierce Erikson. This paper recounts the history of the Makah Cultural and Research Center in Washington State.

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When You Sing It Now, Just Like New: First Nations Poetics, Voices, and Representations, paper ed


When You Sing It Now, Just Like New: First Nations Poetics, Voices, and Representations is a collection of essays about stories: about hearing, sharing, and recording them, and sometimes even becoming characters in them. These essays, which contextualize stories within anthropology, flow from Robin Ridington and Jillian Ridington's decades of work with the Athapaskan-speaking Dane-zaa people, who live in Canada's Peace River area. The essays in part 1 feature the Ridingtons' audio work as well as Jillian's reflections on her relationships with Dane-zaa women.

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Native Americans and the Environment: Perspectives on the Ecological Indian, paper ed


Native Americans and the Environment brings together an interdisciplinary group of prominent scholars whose works continue and complicate the conversations that Shepard Krech started in The Ecological Indian. Hailed as a masterful synthesis and yet assailed as a problematic political tract, Shepard Krech's work prompted significant discussions in scholarly communities and among Native Americans.

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Viet Cong at Wounded Knee: The Trail of a Blackfeet Activist, hardcover ed


Viet Cong at Wounded Knee: The Trail of a Blackfeet Activist is a memoir by Woody Kipp, an English instructor at Blackfeet Community College on the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana, and a former Marine during the Viet Nam War. At Wounded Knee Kipp realized that he had become the enemy in his homeland. With candor, bitter humor, and biting insight, this book tells the story of the long and tortuous trail that led Kipp from the Blackfeet Reservation of his birth to a terrible moment of reckoning on the plains of South Dakota.

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Buffalo Nation: American Indian Efforts to Restore the Bison, paper ed


Buffalo Nation: American Indian Efforts to Restore the Bison is a new title from the University of Nebraska Press. History scholar Ken Zontek writes with clarity about the history of the bison in North America and its relationship to the environment and Native Americans. He covers the history of the animal from the distant past to the present and discusses the various views of scholars who have opinions and theories about the decline of this important animal. Chapters outline the various methods Native Americans employ to restore this valuable animal to its traditional homeland.

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Encyclopedia of the Great Plains Indians, paper ed


Encyclopedia of the Great Plains Indians contains excerpts from the University of Nebraska's Encyclopedia of the Great Plains first issued in 2004. This new edition features 123 entries and the introductory essay from the original Great Plains encyclopedia. These entries cover First Nations, Métis, and Native Americans from Canada and the United States. All entries have specific connection to the Great Plains cultural region of North America. This 2007 edition includes 23 new entries as well as additional photographs.

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Becoming Two-Spirit: Gay Identity and Social Acceptance in Indian Country, paper ed


The Two-Spirit man occupies a singular place in Native American culture, balancing the male and the female spirit even as he tries to blend gay and Native identity. The accompanying ambiguities of gender and culture come into vivid relief in the powerful and poignant Becoming Two-Spirit: Gay Identity and Social Acceptance in Indian Country, the first book to take an in-depth look at contemporary American Indian gender diversity.

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Invisible Genealogies: A History of Americanist Anthropology, paper ed


Invisible Genealogies: A History of Americanist Anthropology by professor of anthropology Regna Darnell provides a history of anthropology in North America. Its development is seen as one of continuity extending back to the work of Franz Boas. Others who extended the tradition are noted. Anthropologists and scholars such as A. L. Kroeber, Ruth Benedict, Edward Sapir, Elsie Clews Parsons, Paul Radin, Benjamin Lee Whorf, A. Irving Hallowell, Claude Levi-Strauss and Clifford Geertz are all genealogical ancestors for today's anthropologists.

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Remember This!: Dakota Decolonization and the Eli Taylor Narratives, paper ed NO LONGER AVAILABLE


NO LONGER AVAILABLE Waziyatawin Angela Wilson, both a historian and a member of the Dakota Nation, demonstrates the value of oral history in this bilingual presentation and skillful analysis of the stories told by the Dakota elder Eli Taylor (1908-99). Taylor lived on the Sioux Valley Reserve in Manitoba, Canada, and was adopted into Wilson's family in 1988. He agreed to tell her his story and to share his accounts of the origins, history, and life ways of the Dakotas.

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William Bartram on the Southeastern Indians, reprint, paper ed


William Bartram traveled throughout the American Southeast from 1773-1776. He occupies a unique place as an American Enlightenment explorer, naturalist, writer, and artist whose work was widely admired in his time and thereafter. Coleridge, the Wordsworths, and other leading romantics found inspiration in his pages. Bartram's most famous work, Travels has remained in print since the first publication of the book in 1791. However, his writings on Indians have received less attention than they deserve.

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