In My Own Moccasins, paperback ed.


In My Own Moccasins: A Memoir of Resilience by Helen Knott, Dane-Zaa and Metis/Cree is a three part memoir in her dreamless void, the in-between and the healing. The memoir follows the life of Helen Knott through her childhood, describing life during school especially after eighth grade, and as a young woman on her red road journey through rape, alcoholism and drug addiction. It is her journey of darkness through which she questions her selfhood, ancestry, faith, and existence.

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Field Notes for the Self, paper ed.


In Field Notes for the Self by Randy Lundy, a member of the Barren Lands (Cree) First Nation, the poems evoke darkness and light  through ceremony, memory, naming, understanding, truth and meditations through time. Examples of the poems include A Minor Apocalypse, The Definition of Poverty, Seeking, Thinking of Nothing, and others beautifully written through seasons and relationships.

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Cree: Words, Volume 1 & 2, paper ed.


Cree: Words is a two-volume Cree dictionary, which documents the Cree language and compiled by Arok Wolvengrey, Professor of Algonquian Languages and Linguistics. It provides both a guide to its spoken form for non-speakers and a guide to its written forms (both SRO and Syllabics) for speakers and non-speakers alike. The goal has thus been to collect the vocabulary of Cree as it is spoken by fluent speakers in much of western Canada, whether elders or young people.

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Genocidal Love: A Life after Residential School, paper ed.


In Genocidal Love: A Life after Residential School author Bevann Fox, a member of Pasqua First Nation, originally from Piapot First Nation, delves into the long-term effects of childhood trauma on those who attended residential school and demonstrates the power of story to help in recovery and healing. Presenting herself as “Myrtle,” Bevann Fox recounts her early childhood filled with love and warmth on the First Nation reservation with her grandparents.

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Beaver, Bison, Horse: The Traditional Knowledge and Ecology of the Northern Great Plains, paper ed.


Beaver, Bison, Horse: The Traditional Knowledge and Ecology of the Northern Great Plains by R. Grace Morgan includes a foreword by James Daschuk, author of Clearing the Plains and an afterword by Cristina Eisenberg, who is Indigenous and the author of The Carnivore Way and The Wolf’s Tooth. Beaver, Bison, Horse is an interdisciplinary account of the ecological relationships the Indigenous nations of the Plains had to the beaver, bison, horse, and their habitat prior to contact.

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Cold Case North, paper ed.


Cold Case North: The Search for James Brady and Absolom Halkett is a work about missing persons and double murder by Michael Nest, Deanna Reder, Cree-Métis; and Eric Bell, a member of the Lac La Ronge Indian Band. In Cold Case North, Métis leader James Brady, one of the most famous Indigenous activists in Canada, a communist, strategist, and bibliophile, led Métis and First Nations to rebel against government and church oppression. Brady’s success made politicians and clergy fear him; he had enemies everywhere.

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Nakón-i'a wo!: Beginning Nakoda, spiral bound


Nakón-i'a wo!: Beginning Nakoda is edited by Vincent Collette teaches linguistics and Nakoda at First Nations University of Canada in Regina. Contributions are by Armand McArthur who is from the Siyónide Nakóna Oyáde (Pheasant Rump First Nation) and of mixed Wadopana-I?ha?´ ktu?wan origin. He is a Nakoda language instructor at First Nations University of Canada and also leads Nakoda language classes in Pheasant Rump; and Wilma Kennedy who is a Language Keeper from Carry The Kettle Nakoda First Nation.

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Cry Wolf: Inquest Into the True Nature of a Predator, paper ed.


Cry Wolf: Inquest Into the True Nature of a Predator by Harold R. Johnson is a search for the truth. It is part story and part forensic analysis. Cry Wolf examines wolf attacks and how we fail to take wolves seriously at our own peril. This book is also a relationship to the land and with wolves in particular yet Cry Wolf also draws on Indigenous traditional knowledge and wisdom regarding ecology to better understand predators. The introduction outlines the current perspective of predators.

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Reclaiming Tom Longboat: Indigenous Self-Determination in Canadian Sport, paper ed.


Reclaiming Tom Longboat: Indigenous Self-Determination in Canadian Sport is by Janice Forsyth, Fish River Cree and Peguis First Nation, Manitoba and the 2002 Tom Longboat Regional Award for Ontario at the North American Indigenous Games winner. Reclaiming Tom Longboat documents the history of the Tom Longboat Awards and a new direction for thinking about the awards and their role in reimagining Indigenous involvement in Canadian sports through administrative, statistical and cultural layers.

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