English-Cayuga / Cayuga-English Dictionary, hardcover ed


English-Cayuga/Cayuga-English Dictionary published by the University of Toronto Press offers linguists and second-language learners, and Cayuga language instructors a resource for the Cayuga language that is spoken on the Six Nations of the Grand River. It includes extensive appendices that cover weekdays, months, periods of time, numbers, money, nations, kin, Chiefs' names, place names, traditional and ceremonial language, government and business, Ganohonyohk (The Thanksgiving Address), particles, and a Cayuga grammatical sketch.

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Onondaga-English / English-Onondaga Dictionary, hardcover ed


The Onondaga-English/English-Onondaga Dictionary is the result of Hanni Woodbury's thirty years of research and collaboration with contemporary speakers and her study of nineteenth- and twentieth-century text sources. Onondaga is an Iroquoian language spoken at the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory, near Brantford, Ontario, and at Onondaga Nation, near Syracuse, New York. Once spoken by a large Iroquoian population in New York State, Onondaga is now spoken by only a small number of individuals.

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Aboriginal Peoples of Canada: A Short Introduction, paper ed


Canada's Aboriginal Peoples: A Short Introduction fills a previously overlooked gap by providing the first comprehensive overview of First Nations people. Drawn from the highly successful Encyclopedia of Canada's Peoples it offers extensive coverage of Aboriginal peoples, including the Algonquians/Eastern Woodlands, Algonquians/Plains, Algonquians/Subarctic, Inuit, Iroquoians, Ktunaxa, Metis, Na-Dene, Salish, Siouan, Tsimshian, and Wakashans, as well as the many nations within these larger groupings.

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E. Pauline Johnson Tekahionwake: Collected Poems and Selected Prose, paper ed


E. Pauline Johnson Tekahionwake: Collected Poems and Selected Prose edited by Carole Gerson and Veronica Strong-Boag contains a generous selection of E. Pauline Johnson's (1861-1913) poems and prose writings. This collection includes 169 poems organized chronologically into periods such as The Early Years: Beginnings to 1888; The Prolific Years: 1889-1898; Later Years: 1899-1913; and Anonymous and Pseudonymous Poems.

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Oneida-English / English-Oneida Dictionary, hardcover ed


Oneida is an endangered Iroquoian language spoken fluently by fewer than 250 people. This is the first comprehensive dictionary of the Oneida language as used in Ontario, where most of the surviving speakers reside. The dictionary contains both Oneida-English and English-Oneida sections. The Oneida-English portion includes some 6000 entries, presenting lexical bases, particles and grammatical morphemes. Each entry for a base shows several forms; illustrates inflection, meaning and use; and gives details regarding pronunciation and cultural significance.

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White Man's Law: Native People in Nineteenth-Century Canadian Jurisprudence, hardcover ed


In the nineteenth century many Canadians took pride in their country's policy of liberal treatment of Indians. In this thorough reinvestigation of Canadian legal history, Sidney L. Harring sets the record straight, showing how Canada has consistently denied Aboriginal peoples even the most basic civil rights. Drawing on scores of nineteenth-century legal cases, Harring reveals that colonial and early Canadian judges were largely ignorant of British policy concerning Indians and their lands.

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Fish, Law, and Colonialism: The Legal Capture of Salmon in British Columbia, hardcover ed


An engrossing history, Fish, Law, and Colonialism: The Legal Capture of Salmon in British Columbia recounts the human conflict over fish and fishing in British Columbia and of how that conflict was shaped by law. Pacific salmon fisheries, owned and managed by Aboriginal peoples, were transformed in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries by commercial and sport fisheries backed by the Canadian state and its law.

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Medicine That Walks: Disease, Medicine, and Canadian Plains Native People, 1880 - 1940, paper ed


Medicine That Walks: Disease, Medicine, and Canadian Plains Native People, 1880 - 1940 provides a grim social history of medicine over the turn of the century. It traces the relationship between the ill and the well, from the 1880s when Aboriginal people were perceived as a vanishing race doomed to extinction, to the 1940s when they came to be seen as a disease menace to the Canadian public.

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Nishnaabemwin Reference Grammar, paper edition


This descriptive reference grammar of Nishnaabemwin (Odawa and Eastern Ojibwe), a major dialect group within contemporary Ojibwe spoken in the vicinity of Lake Huron in Southern Ontario, represents the most comprehensive works on an Algonquin language published to date. It includes extensive descriptive treatment of phonology, orthography, inflectional morphology, derivational morphology, and major structural and functional syntactic categories. Points of grammar are copiously illustrated with example sentences indexed with thorough grammatical annotations.

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