Onondaga-English / English-Onondaga Dictionary, paper ed


The Onondaga-English/English-Onondaga Dictionary is the result of Hanni Woodbury's thirty years of research and collaboration with contemporary speakers and her study of nineteenth- and twentieth-century text sources. Onondaga is an Iroquoian language spoken at the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory, near Brantford, Ontario, and at Onondaga Nation, near Syracuse, New York. Once spoken by a large Iroquoian population in New York State, Onondaga is now spoken by only a small number of individuals.

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On Being Here to Stay: Treaties and Aboriginal Rights in Canada, paper ed


On Being Here to Stay: Treaties and Aboriginal Rights in Canada by anthropologist Michael Asch, professor emeritus in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Alberta, offers readers and examination of the numbered treaties in a unique manner. He asks the questions: What, other than numbers and power, justifies Canada’s assertion of sovereignty and jurisdiction over the country’s vast territory? Why should Canada’s original inhabitants have to ask for rights to what was their land when non-Aboriginal people first arrived?

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Strange Visitors: Documents in Indigenous-Settler Relations in Canada from 1876, paper ed


Strange Visitors: Documents in Indigenous-Settler Relations in Canada from 1876 is the essential reference book about the interaction between First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Peoples with settler society told in primary documents. History professor Keith D. Smith , Chair of the Department of First Nations Studies at Vancouver Island University, selected a diverse selection of documents including letters, testimonies, speeches, transcripts, newspaper articles, and government records to highlight Indigenous primary sources from 1876 to 2007.

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Negotiating the Deal: Comprehensive Land Claims Agreements in Canada, paper ed


Negotiating the Deal: Comprehensive Land Claims Agreements in Canada provides a political science-framed analysis of the factors that explain both completed and incomplete treaty negotiations between First Nations, the Inuit in Quebec and the federal, provincial, and territorial governments of Canada.

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Delaware-English/English-Delaware Dictionary, paper ed


Delaware-English/English-Delaware Dictionary is the first modern dictionary of Munsee Delaware based on research carried out with speakers from Moraviantown, Ontario. The dictionary contains 7100 entries in the Delaware-English section and includes information on each word's grammatical category and gives examples of different inflected forms where appropriate. Also included are sample sentences used by Delaware speakers, grammatical usage and notes, cross references, and indications of words borrowed from English and Dutch.

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English-Cayuga / Cayuga-English Dictionary, paper ed


English-Cayuga/Cayuga-English Dictionary published by the University of Toronto Press offers linguists and second-language learners, and Cayuga language instructors a resource for the Cayuga language that is spoken on the Six Nations of the Grand River. It includes extensive appendices that cover weekdays, months, periods of time, numbers, money, nations, kin, Chiefs' names, place names, traditional and ceremonial language, government and business, Ganohonyohk (The Thanksgiving Address), particles, and a Cayuga grammatical sketch.

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Living with Animals: Ojibwe Spirit Powers, paper ed


Living with Animals: Ojibwe Spirit Powers is a 2014 publication by philosophy professor Michael Pomedli, University of Saskatchewan. He examines the roles of animals such as bears, owls, otters, thunderbirds, and water creatures in the spirituality, healing, and protection of Ojibwe in the 19th century. This study over 100 images from oral and written sources – including birch bark scrolls, rock art, stories, games, and dreams – in which these animals appear as kindred beings, spirit powers, healers, and protectors.

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Learning and Teaching Community-Based Research: Linking Pedagogy to Practice, paper ed


Learning and Teaching Community-Based Research: Linking Pedagogy to Practice is a collection of fifteen scholarly papers that examine Community-Based Research, or CBR. This collection is an unmatched source of information on the theory and practice of using CBR in a variety of university- and community-based educational settings.

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Truth and Indignation: Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Commission on Indian Residential Schools, paper ed


‘Truth and Indignation: Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission on Indian Residential Schools’ is the second edition of this book published with the ISBN 9781442606302 in 2013. This new edition is an update of the previous edition and is concerned with the problem of how knowledge is produced and the how the sense of belonging is constructed. This is a new narrative of suffering within contested narratives of power – the accuser and victim in a trend of victim-centrism in global transitional justice, remedial processes after judgement.

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Who is an Indian?: Race, Place, and the Politics of Indigenity in the Americas, paper ed


Who is an Indian? is possibly the oldest question facing Indigenous peoples across the Americas, and one with significant implications for decisions relating to resource distribution, conflicts over who gets to live where and for how long, and clashing principles of governance and law. For centuries, the dominant views on this issue have been strongly shaped by ideas of both race and place. But just as important, who is permitted to ask, and answer this question?

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