William W. Warren: The Life, Letters, and Times of an Ojibwe Leader, hardcover ed


William W. Warren: The Life, Letters, and Times of an Ojibwe Leader is a recent release from University of Nebraska Press that provides a biography of William Warren (1825-1853). This mixed-race man lived a brief but important life as an interpreter, historian and legislator. Drawing on original documents such as letters written by William Warren, the author has compiled a fascinating history of the life and times of this controversial man. The book describes Warren's childhood, his education, his efforts as a legislator, and his role in the Removal of 1850.

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Viet Cong at Wounded Knee: The Trail of a Blackfeet Activist, hardcover ed


Viet Cong at Wounded Knee: The Trail of a Blackfeet Activist is a memoir by Woody Kipp, an English instructor at Blackfeet Community College on the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana, and a former Marine during the Viet Nam War. At Wounded Knee Kipp realized that he had become the enemy in his homeland. With candor, bitter humor, and biting insight, this book tells the story of the long and tortuous trail that led Kipp from the Blackfeet Reservation of his birth to a terrible moment of reckoning on the plains of South Dakota.

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Alanis Obomsawin: The Vision of a Native Filmmaker, hardcover ed OUT OF STOCK


Alanis Obomsawin: The Vision of a Native Filmmaker celebrates the distinguished career of Abenaki filmmaker, Alanis Obomsawin, in this analysis of her documentary films. In more than twenty powerful films, Abenaki filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin has waged a brilliant battle against the ignorance and stereotypes that Native Americans have long endured in cinema and television. In this book, the first devoted to any Native filmmaker, Obomsawin receives her due as the central figure in the development of Indigenous media in North America.

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Grandmother's Grandchild: My Crow Indian Life, paper ed


Grandmother's Grandchild: My Crow Indian Life is the autobiography of a remarkable Crow woman who was born in 1923 and following the untimely death of her mother in 1924 was raised by her famous grandmother. This is the life story of Alma Hogan Snell whose famous grandmother, Pretty Shield, was a notable Crow medicine woman. Alma's life and her relationship with her knowledgeable grandmother are recounted in her own words, edited by Becky Matthews, history professor at Columbus State University.

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I'll Go and Do More: Annie Dodge Wauneka, Navajo Leader and Activist UNAVAILABLE


UNAVAILABLE I'll Go and Do More: Annie Dodge Wauneka, Navajo Leader and Activist is the biography of the remarkable Navajo woman, Annie Dodge Wauneka. Told by biographer Carolyn Niethammer, the life of times of this Navajo leader spanned the years 1918 to 1997. As the only woman on the Navajo Tribal Council in 1951 to 1978 Annie took up the role with enthusiasm. Her involvement in health issues such as tuberculosis in the community took her to Washington on behalf of the tribal council.

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No One Ever Asked Me: The World War ll Memoirs of an Omaha Indian Soldier, hardcover ed UNAVAILABLE


UNAVAILABLE Biography of an Omaha soldier who served in the United States military during World War 2. Hollis Stabler, born in 1908, saw action in Tunisia and Morocco as well as Italy and France. He lost his brother in battle and was wounded. Editor Victoria Smith interweaves factual information about the Hollis family and the war with direct quotations from Hollis. An important memoir of a Native American soldier.

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Chainbreaker: The Revolutionary Memoirs of Governor Blacksnake as Told to Benjamin Williams, reprint


Thomas Abler's groundbreaking publication of the memoirs of Governor Blacksnake is reissued in this American Indian Lives series from the University of Nebraska Press. Abler's original work, first issued in 1989, is updated with a new preface by the anthropologist. Abler's continuing work on the Iroquois and Seneca has provided him with new conclusions about Governor Blacksnake. This Seneca diplomatic leader and warrior fought on the side of the British during the American Revolution. He promoted peace among the New York Iroquois during the War of 1812.

Price: $25.25

I Tell You Now: Autobiographical Essays by Native American Writers, paper ed


I Tell You Now: Autobiographical Essays by Native American Writers was first published in 1987 and is reprinted here as a new edition with biographical notes and an updated introduction. Each of the eighteen writers comes from various age groups and Nations. Many essays include poems to make their points about the writer's life and literary influences.

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