First Nations People in Canada, paper ed


First Nations People in Canada is an accessible and up-to-date account of social demographics will be essential reading for students and scholars wishing to understand the full context of First Nations peoples in Canada. Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the University of Calgary James S. Frideres' introduction to the current status of First Nations considers often troubled relations with the federal government as well as their surprising resilience.

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Crime in Canada: Issues in Canada, paper ed


Crime in Canada is one of the titles in Oxford University Press series Issues in Canada. Sociologist Diane Crocker offers the post secondary level student and the general reader an evaluation of the criminal justice system's responses to crime-what works and what does not-and proposes solutions for moving forward. The volume challenges the popular perception that crime in Canada is on the rise and argues that public opinion is becoming a bigger barrier to achieving justice than the actual extent of crime.

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