Dreaming in Indian: Contemporary Native American Voices, hardcover ed


2015 Shortlist Title for First Nation Communities Read. Dreaming in Indian: Contemporary Native American Voices is a visually stunning, and thought-provoking anthology featuring the work 64 First Nations, Inuit, and Métis artists. 46 First Nations, Inuit, Métis, and Native American established and first-time authors, musicians, poets, filmmakers, photographers and creative thinkers all considering identity, authentic voice, and honesty. This collection, published by Annick Press, marks a turning point in Aboriginal young-adult creative non-fiction.

Price: $19.95

Norval Morrisseau: Man Changing into Thunderbird, hardcover ed


Norval Morrisseau: Man Changing Into Thunderbird is an innovative and rich biography of this charismatic and troubled figure. Drawing upon years of extensive research, including interviews with Morrisseau himself, Ojibwe poet and author Armand Garnet Ruffo evokes the artist's life from childhood to death, in all its vivid triumphs and tragedies: his first solo and breakthrough exhibition at the Pollock Gallery in Toronto; his legendary Garden Party where he and his agent Jack Pollock flew a coterie of critics and patrons from Toronto to remote Beardmore for an afternoon tea party.

Price: $32.95

Residential Schools, With the Words and Images of Survivors, A National History Now Available


Residential Schools, With the Words and Images of Survivors, A National History honours the survivors, the former students, who attended residential schools. Designed for the general reader this accessible, 112-page history offers a first-person perspective of the residential school system in Canada, as it shares the memories of more than 70 survivors from across Canada as well as 125 archival and contemporary images (65 black & white photographs, 51 colour, some never before published).

Price: $34.95

Where I Belong, paper ed


Where I Belong is a moving novel of self-discovery and redemption, that takes place during the Oka Crisis of the summer of 1990. Having been adopted as an infant, Carrie has always felt out of place-and recurring dreams keep warning that someone close to her will be badly hurt. When she finds out that her birth father is living in Kahnawake, Quebec, she goes there and finally finds a place she truly belongs. Tara White is a Mohawk woman from Kahnawake, Quebec, and has always dreamed of being a writer.

Price: $12.95

Up Ghost River: A Chief's Journey Through The Turbulent Waters of Native History, hardcover ed OUT OF STOCK INDEFINITELY


OUT OF STOCK INDEFINITELY  2015 Shortlist Title for First Nation Communities Read. Up Ghost River: A Chief's Journey Through The Turbulent Waters of Native History is a 2014 shortlist nominee for the Governor General’s Literary Awards. This non-fiction book is the powerful and moving memoir from Cree residential school survivor, activist, educator, and writer Edmund Metatawabin. Former Chief of Fort Albany First Nation, Ed Metatawabin presents his compelling account of the experiences endured at the notorious St.

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Country of Wolves: A Graphic Novel, The, hardcover ed (book & DVD)


The Country of Wolves: A Graphic Novel is a unique 2013 offering from Inhabit Media publishers. This 87-page graphic novel retells a traditional Inuit story about two brothers who find themselves adrift on broken sea ice while out hunting for seal. They drift in the darkness for many days, until the ice they are on settles on the shore of a strange and distant land. The hunters begin to look for landmarks or people to help them find their way back home. Eventually, they come to a camp and the two brothers split up to find help.

Price: $24.95

Night Wanderer: A Graphic Novel, The, hardcover ed


The Night Wanderer: A Graphic Novel is the long-awaited reformatting of Ojibwe author Drew Hayden Taylor's gothic novel into a graphic novel. Adapted by Alison Kooistra and illustrated in black and white with a bit of red by Michael Wyatt, this graphic novel takes the main characters from the novel and adapts them to comic book format. Teenager Tiffany Hunter is a disgruntled high school student who lives with her dysfunctional family on a small Ojibwe reserve. Otter Lake is her home and living at her house are her father and his mother.

Price: $24.95

Gift is in the Making: Anishinaabeg Stories, The, paper ed


The Gift is in the Making: Anishinaabeg Stories is a unique collection of twenty-one traditional Ojibwe stories retold by storyteller, writer, and spoken-word artist Leanne Betasamosake Simpson from Alderville First Nation. Over the years, the author has told these stories first within her own family and then to larger community members. She has added to her knowledge of the oral tradition and legends from community Elders, language teachers, and authentic print resources. Encouraged by Elders she has written these oral stories featuring Nanabush in her own style.

Price: $22.00