Our Story: Aboriginal Voices on Canada's Past, hardcover ed UNAVAILABLE


UNAVAILABLE This title is no longer available from the publisher Ten First Nations, Inuit and Metis writers explore Canadian history from the Aboriginal perspective in this collection. Each examines a specific event in First Nations and Canadian history to provide unique perspectives on events that are often overlooked in standard Canadian history books. Highly readable essays by Lee Maracle, Brian Maracle, Thomas King, Tantoo Cardinal, Basil Johnston, Tomson Highway, Drew Hayden Taylor, Rachel Qitsualik, Jovette Marchessault, and Maria Campbell.

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Masterpieces of American Indian Literature, reprint UNAVAILABLE


UNAVAILABLE Masterpieces of American Indian Literature is a reprint of the original 1993 publication. Five essential writings from Native American writers including George Copway, Charles Eastman, Zitkala-Sa, Morning Dove, and Black Elk. Each selection is complete and unabridged.

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Raven Tells Stories: An Anthology of Alaskan Native Writing, paper ed


Raven Tells Stories: An Anthology of Alaskan Native Writing is a collection of poetry, essays, plays, and short stories by 23 Indigenous  Alaskan writers This anthology of Indigenous writers from Alaska helps map the rich and unique identity of the Alaskan people. Included in the book are biographies of the selected writers and bibliographies of their books. The authors include Diane E. Benson, Fred Bigjim, Robert H. Davis, Mary Lockwood, Yvone Mozee, Glen Simson, and Mary TallMountain.

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Lightning Within: An Anthology of Contemporary American Indian Fiction, The, paper ed


American Indian stories have fascinated the world for all the right reasons: vigor, depth, subtlety, brightness. In the 1960s a brilliant renaissance began. Out of it came such gifted writers of fiction as N. Scott Momaday, James Welch, Leslie Marmon Silko, Gerald Vizenor, Simon Ortiz, Louise Erdrich, and Michael Dorris. In bringing them together, The Lightning Within celebrates some of the best work being done today in the novel and short story. Alan R.

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New Voices From the Longhouse: An Anthology of Contemporary Iroquois Writing, paper ed


New Voices From the Longhouse: An Anthology of Contemporary Iroquois Writing contains the poetry, short stories, essays by 30 Six Nations Iroquois writers. Published in 1989 by Joseph Bruchac's Greenfield Review, this collection stands the test of time and remains important and relevant. It is a remarkable collection of writing by various Six Nations Iroquois men and women, who live on reserves in Canadian and US reservations as well as Canadian and American cities. They express their deep love and respect for Iroquois traditional culture and history and comment on the contemporary world.

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