Dancing Teepees: Poems of American Indian Youth, hardcover ed


Dancing Teepees: Poems of American Indian Youth is a collection of 19 poems or quotes from Native American sayings, songs, and stories organized by Rosebud Sioux writer Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve. While many of the selections are English translations from the Bureau of American Ethnology Reports, Sneve has also included four of her poems in this simple anthology for children. The colour drawings with Plains and Southwest designs and images compliment the selections. This is a good resource for teachers introducing poetry with First Nations themes to elementary students.

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Northern Voices: Inuit Writing in English, reprint, paper ed


Northern Voices: Inuit Writing in English's first section includes traditional legends, narratives, folk history told by story-tellers, and poetry sung by Inuit composers. The second presents statements and observations by some of the first Inuit to come into contact with European newcomers, including official reports, interviews, letters, and diaries. Next are early poetry and prose in translation, much of it autobiographical. The final section includes contemporary Inuit writing, from essays and speeches to fiction, poetry, and other genres of imaginative literature.

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Native Wisdom for White Minds: Daily Reflections Inspired by the Native Peoples of the World, paper ed


Native Wisdom for White Minds: Daily Reflections Inspired by the Native Peoples of the World is a provocative book designed for the general reader who is interested in understanding another culture's worldview. Author Anne Wilson Shaef, Ph.D., is a writer, lecturer, organizational consultant, and workshop facilitator. The author shares the richness poured out to her by Native Americans, Aborigines, Africans, Maoris, and others. In the words of Native Peoples themselves, readers come to understand Native ideas about the earth, spirituality, family, work, loneliness, and change.

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Rising Voices: Writings of Young Native Americans, paper ed


Rising Voices: Writing of Young Native Americans is a collection of poems and short essays written by 63 Native American students from grade 3 to senior high school. The collected works were selected from previously published anthologies, student publications, and newsletters. The editors have organized the pieces into several themes including Identity, Family, Homelands, Ritual and Ceremony, Education, and Harsh Realities. Each selection is clearly identified with the student's name, their tribal affiliation, and grade level.

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Returning the Gift: Poetry and Prose from the First North American Native Writers' Festival, paper ed


Returning the Gift: Poetry and Prose from the First North American Native Writers' Festival held in 1992 was an unprecedented gathering and celebration of Indigenous authors. Co-organizer invited each of the 300 writers to submit an original piece for inclusion in this anthology. He selected the best of the 200 plus submissions for this collection. Included in this 369-page volume are works by well established authors such as established writers like Duane Niatum, Simon Ortiz, Lance Henson, Elizabeth Woody, Linda Hogan, and Jeanette Armstrong.

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All My Relations: An Anthology of Contemporary Canadian Native Fiction UNAVAILABLE


UNAVAILABLE This title is no longer available from the publisher All My Relations: An Anthology of Contemporary Canadian Native Fiction features the writings of nineteen well-known Native writers. The works represent a variety of fictional genres, including an oral narrative, short stories, novel excerpts, and an excerpt from a drama. The themes explore identity, "Indianness", community, continuity, oral literature/storytelling, exploring the day-to-day lifestyle of contemporary Native People, the Trickster, encounters with evil, and changing culture.

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Let the Drums Be Your Heart: New Native Voices, paper ed OUT OF STOCK INDEFINATELY


Let the Drums be Your Heart: New Native Voices published in 1996 brings together the work of more than forty Aboriginal writers from all over Canada. concerned with family and the past, romance and adventure, tragedy and danger, these poems, short stories, articles and life stories ring with pride and determination. As editor Joel T. Maki points out in his introduction, storytellers and historians have always played a vital role in Indigenous communities, ensuring that individual cultures, languages, legends and customs would survive.

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Gatherings Volume Xlll: The En'owkin Journal of First North American Peoples - Reconciliation: Elders as Knowledge Keepers UNAVAILABLE


UNAVAILABLE Gatherings Volume Xlll: Reconciliation: Elders as Knowledge Keepers is the thirteenth offering by the En'owkin International School of Writing, the only annual journal of Indigenous People's writing in North America. This volume explores theme of Native Elders as keepers of our cultures. The anthology is divided into sections that represent lessons, knowledge, honouring, and the words of youth. Of particular interest is the untitled essay by Karen Pheasant that explains spiritual beginnings of the Jingle Dress Dance.

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