Gatherings Volume Xlll: The En'owkin Journal of First North American Peoples - Reconciliation: Elders as Knowledge Keepers UNAVAILABLE


UNAVAILABLE Gatherings Volume Xlll: Reconciliation: Elders as Knowledge Keepers is the thirteenth offering by the En'owkin International School of Writing, the only annual journal of Indigenous People's writing in North America. This volume explores theme of Native Elders as keepers of our cultures. The anthology is divided into sections that represent lessons, knowledge, honouring, and the words of youth. Of particular interest is the untitled essay by Karen Pheasant that explains spiritual beginnings of the Jingle Dress Dance.

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Native Writers and Canadian Writing, reprint, paper ed


Native Writers and Canadian Writing is a co-publication with Canadian Literature of the 1992 double issue which focuses on literature by and about Aboriginal peoples and contains original articles and poems by both Aboriginal and non-Native writers. Essays examining the conventional portrayals of Aboriginal peoples in literature touch on works which range from the eighteenth-century journals of explorer Alexander Mackenzie, to the novels of James Fenimore Cooper, and to early writers in Canada such as historian-humourist Thomas Chandler Haliburton.

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American Indian Myths and Legends, paper ed


American Indian Myths and Legends is an anthology of 160 traditional stories and legends compiled by an anthropologist and a master storyteller. Drawing on the oral traditions of 60 Native Nations Richard Erdoes and the late Alfonso Ortiz have organized the stories around creations stories of humans and the world; stories about the sun, moon and stars; stories of monsters and heroes or monsters; Trickster stories; warrior stories; stories about love; stories about animals and other people; ghost stories; and stories about the end of time and death.

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Harper's Anthology of 20th Century Native American Poetry, paper ed


Harper's Anthology of 20th Century Native American Poetry presents the work of thirty-six Native American poets, including Louise Erdrich, Steve Crow, and Elizabeth Cook-Lynn; arranged chronologically by the writer's date of birth; and includes brief biographical information about each featured poet.

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Fearless Warriors, revised ed, paper ed


Fearless Warriors by Ojibwe playwright Drew Hayden Taylor is the revised edition of this publication which first appeared in 1998. This collection of short stories takes firm aim at the stereotypes abundant in Canadian society with humour and style. The twelve short stories cover life on the rez, love and relationships, and family themes. The concluding story in this edition is set during the 1990 Oka Crisis and replaces the story in the previous edition. All the stories are told from the first person narrator and are set in contemporary situations.

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Indian Oratory: Famous Speeches by Noted Indian Chieftains, paper ed


Indian Oratory: Famous Speeches by Noted Indian Chieftains is a collection of notable speeches by historical leaders of twenty-two Native Nations. This volume published in 1971 added a new resource for those interested in quotable quotes of famous Native American leaders. Little written record of their oratory exists, although leaders made use of public address.

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American Indian Literature: An Anthology, revised ed


American Indian Literature: An Anthology is the revised edition of the introductory collection of Native American writing first issued in 1979. This collection spans the historic and contemporary writing of Native Americans and includes what the editor terms, "literature about Indians written by Indians." Brief overviews precede selections of traditional stories (tales translated into English), songs (translated from specific Native languages into English), memoirs, poetry, and contemporary fiction.

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Winona LaDuke Reader: A Collection of Essential Writings, The, paper ed


The Winona LaDuke Reader: A Collection of Essential Writings is comprehensive book that covers such topics as Native American affairs, women's and children's issues, environmental issues and mainstream politics. It's Winona LaDuke's first complete collection of speeches, fictional writing and environmental/political pieces. As an advocate for Native American rights, champion of women's and children's issues, protector of the environment, LaDuke possesses a stirring passion that comes through in the forty speeches, articles and fictional excerpts in this book.

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Native Poetry in Canada: A Contemporary Anthology, paper ed


Native Poetry in Canada: A Contemporary Anthology presents a selection of poems chosen from the wealth of Aboriginal poets in Canada and spans four decades from 1960 to 2000. The poets include well-known First Nation and Metis writers such as Chief Dan George, Rita Joe, Beth Brant, Duke Redbird, Wayne Keon, Jeannette Armstrong, Beth Cuthand, Lenore Keeshig-Tobias, Emma LaRoque, Lee Maracle, George Kenny, Duncan Mercredi, Daniel David Moses, Louise Halfe, Marilyn Dumont, Armand Garnet Ruffo, Connie Fife, Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm, and Gregory Scofield.

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