First Nations Art Teachers' Handbook, Limited Quantity


Limited Quantity This title is not always stocked, please allow additional time for shipping. First Nations Art Teachers' Handbook was developed by First Nations Education Division of the Greater Victoria School District, British Columbia to assist First Nations Art teachers in the classroom. The handbook contains scope and sequence, policy, objectives and procedures for First Nations artists who assist the classroom teacher at the elementary and secondary levels.

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First Nations Art Projects and Activities, reprint


First Nations Art Projects and Activities is part of the art curriculum for the Greater Victoria School District. The lessons cover the elementary level to junior and senior high school. There are 13 lessons in basic shapes and designs at the high school level, and 17 projects for the elementary level. The art styles focus on the traditions of the Salish and the Kwa kwa ka' wakw of the Northwest Coast of British Columbia. An excellent resource for teachers that can be adapted to reflect any Northwest Coast Nation.

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Native Creative Process, The: A Collaborative Discourse Between Douglas Cardinal and Jeannette Armstrong OUT OF PRINT


OUT OF PRINT This title is no longer available from the publisher In The Native Creative Process: A Collaborative Discourse Between Douglas Cardinal and Jeannette Armstrong, architect and writer explore literary and artistic creative processes from a contemporary Native perspective. Each artist discusses values, knowledge, spirituality and creativity from their unique viewpoints. Douglas Cardinal is a Metis architect whose award-winning building designs reflect his view that design is a spiritual process.

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Native North American Art, paper ed


Native North American Art is part of the Oxford History of Art Series and this volume sets out to examine and describe the current state of the arts in contemporary Canada and the United States. Berlo and Phillips are two art historians who bring impeccable credentials to the task. The text introduces to readers an appreciation for the richness and diversity of Indigenous arts from its earliest forms to the installations of modern artists.

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Dragon of Heaven: The Memoirs of the Last Memoirs of China, hardcover ed LIMITED QUANTITY


Dragon of Heaven: The Memoirs of the Last Memoirs of China is the fictionalized story of Tz-u-his, better known as the Empress Dowager, the controversial woman who ruled China for almost half a century. This sumptuous book combines 25 majestic oil paintings of the Empress by renowned artist Zhong-Yang Huang with engaging, anecdote-studded text by celebrated storyteller David Bouchard.Tz-u-his (1833-1908) began life as a concubine but managed to rule China while a series of lovers and finally her son actually sat on the throne.

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