Seneca Chief, Army General: A Story about Ely Parker, hardcover ed


Seneca Chief, Army General: A Story about Ely Parker is a 64-page biography of a Seneca man who lived from 1828 - 1895. Born into a Tonawanda Seneca family, Ely Parker grew up in this Iroquois community in New York State. His parents, William and Elizabeth Parker, sent the boy to a Baptist Church mission school so that Ely could learn English. His mother followed the teachings of her great-grandfather Handsome Lake who had encouraged some members of the Iroquois youth to learn about the white man's ways including speaking English.

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Keeper'n Me, paper ed


Keeper'n Me has been reissued in this 2006 reprint. Ojibwe newspaper columnist, Richard Wagamese weaves a fascinating story about an Ojibwe man who was taken by Children's Aid as a child and after a series of foster homes finally escapes. Unfortunately his freedom is curtailed when life on the streets results in jail time. To his good fortune his Ojibwe family locates him and he returns to the reserve. The homecoming is at times humourous, poignant and emotional. An integral part of this return is a return to Ojibwe spiritual teachings that were denied to him.

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Earth Elder Stories: The Pinayzitt Path


Earth Elder Stories: The Pinayzitt Path is an authorized student support resource for Alberta Education grade 10, 11, and 12 courses. Alexander Wolfe is a Saulteaux and Ojibwe storyteller and the keeper of his family's oral history. The easy reading, brief stories provide students with an account of Ojibwe and Saulteaux oral traditions as they relate to history and ceremonies. Included in this collection are stories about the origin of dances such as grass dance, and how the ceremonial dances were banned by the government and churches.

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Rain Is Not My Indian Name, hardcover ed


Rain Is Not My Indian Name is a young adult novel written by Creek children's author Cynthia Leitich Smith. The heroine is 14-year-old girl of mixed Creek-Cherokee-Scots ancestry. Cassidy Rain Berghoff lives with her older brother and his fiancé in a small Kansas town. Her mother has died a few years earlier and her father is in the military stationed in Guam. Her grandfather is off vacationing in Vegas. On the eve of her New Year's Day birthday, Rain spends a special evening with her best friend Galen.

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Roots of the Iroquois, paper ed


Roots of the Iroquois is organzied into 20 brief chapters that tell the cultural history of the Six Nations Iroquois or Haudenosaunee. Beginning with the Migration of the Iroquois, the sections cover the Formation of the Great Law of Peace, arrival of the Europeans, Christian conversions, French and English Wars, the Code of Handsome Lake, the American Revolution, Cornplanter and his Father, Honayawas (Farmer's Brother), the Oneida, Chief Skenandoah, and the Migration of the Turcaroras.

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Bowman's Store: A Journey To Myself, paper ed UNAVAILABLE


Bowman's Store: A Journey to Myself is the memoirs of noted Abenaki writer and storyteller Joseph Bruchac. This book is a revealing look at Bruchac's childhood memories of growing up with his Abenaki grandfather. Bruchac recalls growing up at his grandparent's store, Bowman's general store and gas station located in the Adirondack foothills of New York. His early years are filled with secrecy and mystery because Bruchac was raised by maternal grandparents and only infrequently visited with his parents and younger sister.

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Those Who Know: Profiles of Alberta's Native Elders, paper ed


Those Who Know: Profiles of Alberta's Native Elders is a collection of 31 brief biographical sketches written by Dianne Meili a former Windspeaker editor. The Elders represent the Cree, Dene Tha', Stoney, Chipewyan, Siksika (Blackfoot), Kainai (Blood- Blackfoot), Beaver, Sarcee, and Pekuni (North Peigan) First Nations. The author collected the stories over an eighteen-month period as she travelled throughout Alberta. The importance of Elders in First Nations cultures is acknowledged; they carry wisdom and their lives exemplify the finest qualities.

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Name For A Metis, A, paper ed


A Name For A Métis is the first children's picture book by Métis librarian, Deborah Delaronde of Duck Bay, Manitoba. She tells the humourous story about a young boy who wants a nickname. He asks his parents and grandparents for ideas for a traditional Ojibway name. They suggest all sort of names that could fit his personality and behavior. His mother suggests Gitchi Mangijaan or Great Big Nose because the boy is nosey about everything around him. The boy also comes up with ideas for a name such as Wajeppi, which means He is quick.

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Where the Rivers Meet, paper ed


Where the Rivers Meet is a young adult novel by educator Don Sawyer. Set in the small town environment of British Columbia, the story revolves around a Native teenager, Nancy Antoine. She lives on a reserve just outside the town where she attends high school. A railway bridge over a treacherous river gorge links the town and reserve communities. The river and the environment figure prominently in the narrative. The author explores the daily prejudices endured by the Native students through the eyes of Nancy as she witnesses first hand the social disintegration of her community.

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Clanology - Clan System of the Iroquois, 3rd printing UNAVAILABLE


UNAVAILABLE This title is no longer available from the publisher Clanology - Clan System of the Iroquois is the important text about the importance of the clan system written by Mohawk Elder Tom Porter and published by the Native North American Travelling College. Tom Porter devised the term clanology to reflect his personal study of the Haudenosaunee clan system. This 58-page illustrated book offers the most comprehensive description of the clan system among the Mohawks of Akwesasne.

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