Asboodashkoonishiinh Egaagiitaawbiza / The Dragonfly Who Flies in Circles, Ojibwe and English, paper ed.


Asboodashkoonishiinh Egaagiitaawbiza / The Dragonfly Who Flies in Circles with artwork and story by Brita Vija Brookes, has been translated by Isadore Toulouse from Wikwemikong Unceded Reserve,  and Shirley Ida Williams, Migizi ow-kwe,That Eagle Woman, who is a member of the Bird Clan of the Ojibway and Odawa First Nations of Canada. This picture book follows the story of dragonfly who is born in the pond. Does the dragonfly return home again? Dragonflies rise from the world of water to fly in the air.

Price: $28.00

Wiigwaas Minawaa Nichiiwak / Birchbark and Storm, Ojibwe and English, paper ed.


Wiigwaas Minawaa Nichiiwak / Birchbark and Storm is a story by Brita Vija Brookes and translated by Albert Owl (Sagamok Anishinaabek). The artwork is by Rachel Mae Dennis (Haudenosaunee/Latino).  Wiigwaas Minawaa Nichiiwak / Birchbark and Storm follows the adventure of two kittens, Birchbark and Storm, as they venture out into the garden. Follow them as they wake up and leave mother to explore the garden. A story about exploring the world all the while within mom’s gaze.

Price: $28.00

Ayana Ogiigoonnke / Ayana Goes Fishing, Ojibwe and English, paper ed.


Ayana Ogiigoonnke / Ayana Goes Fishing, is a story by Brita Vija Brookes and translated by Albert Owl (Sagamok Anishinaabek) with artwork by Rachel Mae Dennis (Haudenosaunee/Latino). In Ayana Goes Fishing follow Ayana as she asks her father to teach her how to fish. Ayana collects the equipment, digs up worms, learns how to cast and catches her first fish. An Ojibwe and English full color storybook that is great for teaching beginner Ojibwe language.

Price: $28.00

Grasshopper Girl, paper ed.


Grasshopper Girl is written by Teresa Peterson, Dakota from the Upper Sioux Community, and illustrated by Jordan Rodgers, Lakota. In Grasshopper Girl, young Psipsi is sick in bed, she misses her friends and being outside. What will make her feel better? An Unktomi trickster story from her father lulls her to sleep. "Unktomi stories have been shared in Dakota families and communities for a very long time. This tradition continued into the childhood of my mother's generation. Depending upon location and community, variations of this Unktomi story have been told.

Price: $14.00

On Becoming Apache, paper ed.


On Becoming Apache by Harry Mithlo  and Conger Beasley is the story of Watson Mithlo, Chiricahua Apache, his family, and his life. Watson’s story embodies the life of the Chiricahua Apache people, who in 1886 were forced into exile to Fort Marion, Florida, by the US government and considered prisoners of war until 1914. This story tells Watson’s lived history as the Chiricahua were relocated from Arizona to Florida to Alabama and finally to Fort Sill, Oklahoma. But this is also a story of Harry Mithlo, Watson’s son, and Conger Beasley, Harry’s friend. It is a story of telling a story.

Price: $40.95

Swift Fox All Along, paper ed.


Swift Fox All Along by Rebecca Thomas, Mi’kmaw and registered with Lennox Island First Nation, and Illustrated by Maya McKibbin, Ojibwe, Yoeme and Irish, asks what it means to be Mi’kmaq. In Swift Fox All Along, Swift Fox looks for the answer and wonders if she will ever feel like part of her family. When Swift Fox’s father picks her up to go visit her aunties, uncles, and cousins, her belly is already full of butterflies. And when he tells her that today is the day that she’ll learn how to be Mi’kmaq, the butterflies grow even bigger.

Price: $21.95

Tireless Runners: A Family History of Indigenous Canada, paper ed.


Tireless Runners: A Family History of Indigenous Canada by Robert Jago, a registered member of the Kwantlen First Nation in British Columbia and the Nooksack Tribe in Washington State, tells the history of colonization from pre-contact to the present day through the multi-generational story of one Indigenous family. Tireless Runners is the multi-generational story of the Sacquilty family, part of the Kwantlen First Nation in southwestern British Columbia. Prior to first contact in the 1800s, the Sacquilty were a wealthy family living in a region rich from fishing and trade.

Price: $22.95

The Sweet Bloods of Eeyou Istchee, paper ed.


The Sweet Bloods of Eeyou Istchee: Stories of Diabetes and the James Bay Cree by Ruth Dyckfehderau and the James Bay Cree Storytellers is the second edition of the groundbreaking work of the same name and now includes an epilogue with an update on each storyteller. In The Sweet Bloods of Eeyou Istchee Ruth DyckFehderau and twenty-seven storytellers offer a rich and timely accounting of contemporary life in Eeyou Istchee, the territory of the James Bay Cree of Northern Quebec.

Price: $29.99

It's A Mitig!, hardcover ed.


It’s a Mitig! is Bridget George’s first book. She is an Anishinaabe author-illustrator and graphic designer raised on the Kettle and Stony Point First Nation in Ontario. It’s a Mitig! guides young readers through the forest while introducing them to Ojibwe words for nature. From sunup to sundown, encounter an amik playing with sticks and swimming in the river, a prickly gaag hiding in the bushes and a big, bark-covered mitig.

Price: $22.95

Honour Beat, paper ed.


Honour Beat is a play by Tara Beagan who was born in Niitsitapi country and is a proud Ntlaka’pamux and Irish-Canadian. She has written more than twenty plays, and also directs and performs. In Honour Beat, two grown sisters face off over their mother's deathbed. Together they confront one another, their own identities, and what will remain when their mom leaves this world. A contemporary look at the significance of faith and family, Honour Beat evokes both laughter and tears as three women grapple with one of life's most difficult inevitabilities.

Price: $15.95