Plants of Haida Gwaii, paper ed


Plants of Haida Gwaii, written with the cooperation and collaboration of the Haida, is a detailed and insightful record of the uses and importance to the Haida of over 150 species of native plants. Haida Gwaii is the traditional name for a world-renowned group of islands, sometimes called the Queen Charlottes, off the northern mainland coast of British Columbia. For thousands of years these islands have been the home of the Haida.

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Ziis-baak-daa-keng Maple Syrup Harvesting, paper ed


Ziis-baak-daa-keng Maple Syrup Harvesting is a 20-page bilingual Ojibwe-English resource developed by the Wikwemikong Heritage Organization that explains a personal story about maple syrup harvesting. Lucy Ida Pitawanakwat and Honourine Trudeau-Wright share their experiences in this valuable language resource. The book contains illustrations and a pronunciation guide.

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America's Gift: What the World Owes to the Americas and Its First Inhabitants, paper ed


America's Gift: What the World Owes to the Americas and Its First Inhabitants is a handy reference guide to the contributions of Indigenous Peoples of the Americas to the world. First issued in French as L'Indien gÚnÚreux. Ce que le monde doit aux AmÚriques, this 2009 edition is its first English printing. Organized in dictionary format, the book includes lists of food items, borrowed terms, place names, sports, transportation methods, clothing, and agricultural methods. Each basic description provides a definition that ranges from a few sentences to a full-page explanation.

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Proud to be Inuvialuit, Quviahuktunga Inuvialuugama, hardcover ed


Proud to be Inuvialuit, Quviahuktunga Inuvialuugama is the fifth in The Land is Our Storybook series, James Pokiak and his daughter, Rebecca, go on a trip to harvest beluga whale from their home in Tuktoyuktuk, NWT. Harvesting and preparing beluga meat together as a family is an integral part of what it means to be Inuvialuit. Join James and Rebecca and learn about how the beluga whale is interlinked with Inuvialuit culture and history. This photo essay style offers students a 26-page information book packed with colour photographs, maps, and stories about the community of Tuktoyuktuk.

Price: $16.95

Foods of the Americas: Native Recipes and Traditions, paper ed


Foods of the Americas: Native Recipes and Traditions is a coffee-table book filled with mouth-watering recipes from Indigenous Peoples of the Americas recreated for modern health conscious kitchens. Includes nine sections such as soups, appetizers, sauces, meats and wild game, game birds, breads and savory cakes, sweets and desserts, beverages, and foods from river, lakes, and oceans. Each chapter contains an introductory essay by Indigenous food writers. Published by the Museum of the American Indian and Ten Speed Press. Recommended.

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Walking with Aalasi: An Introduction to Edible and Medicinal Arctic Plants, paper ed


Walking with Aalasi: An Introduction to Edible and Medicinal Arctic Plants is a bilingual (Inuktitut and English) resource about the traditional plant knowledge of Inuk herbalist Aalasi Joamie. Growing up in Pangnirtung, Aalasi learned about Arctic plants from her mother. She continued learning about plants and their uses when she relocated to Niaqunngut. From her father she understood how to use plants as indicators much like a compass.

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Come and Learn with Me, Ewo she kedidih, hardcover ed


Come and Learn with Me, Ewo she kedidih is the fourth title in the series, The Land is Our Storybook. This title is told in first-person by nine-year-old Sheyenne Jumbo who lives in Sambaa K'e also known as Trout Lake in the Northwest Territories. Sheyenne Jumbo and her extended family live in the Dehcho region of the Dene. The family speaks the Dehcho language and Sheyenne is learning the Dene Yatie language from her grandparents and in language class at the local school.

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Bannock Book, The, 2nd printing, paper ed


The Bannock Book is a 32-page children's picture book written and illustrated by Reading Recovery teacher Linda Ducharme. The author tells the story of a young girl as she assists her mother with making a healthy bannock for her grandfather, called Pepere. The family is Métis and the author introduces a few Michif terms. The procedure for making bannock is described in simple sentences. The granddaughter assists by measuring the whole wheat flour and other dry ingredients. She also makes several small-size bannocks for herself and shapes them just like her mother.

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Alego, hardcover ed On Backorder


Alego is a beautifully illustrated children's picture book written and illustrated by Inuk artist Ningeokuluk Teevee. The bilingual book is written in Inuktitut syllabics and English and is translated by Nine Manning-Toonoo. The gentle story recounts the experiences of a young child as she and her grandmother go for a walk along the shore to gather clams for the family's supper. During the experience Alego finds many new and interesting animals and creatures that live the tide pools along the shore and grandmother teaches her the names of the creatures.

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Old Man with the Otter Medicine, The, paper ed OUT OF PRINT


The Old Man with the Otter Medicine (Eneeko Nambe Il'oo K'eezho) is a traditional Dene legend told by George Blondin, respected Elder and storyteller, and adapted by his late son John Blondin (1960-1996). This new Theytus publication is a bilingual picture book with the story printed in English and the Weledeh Dialect of the Dogrib (Na-Dene) language. This simply-told story for young children explains how a village of Dene people long ago were used to catching many fish from the nearby lake. But one day the fish were no more.

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