Indian No More, hardcover ed.


Indian No More by Charlene Willing McManis (Umpqua) with Traci Sorell  (Cherokee) and cover art by Marlena Myles (Spirit Lake Dakota, Mohegan, Muscogee Creek), is about the termination programs in the US and how this affects the life of Regian Petit. Indian No More is the story of Regina Petit and her family and the US bill that signs their Umpqua tribe in Oregan out of existence. She has an Indian number and is counted as Indian, lives and practices her tribal culture, and has Umpqua ancestors.

Price: $25.95

Crow Winter, paperback ed.


Crow Winter by Karen McBride, Algonquin Anishinaabe from Timiskaming First Nation in the territory that is now known as Quebec, is a story about trickster and Hazel Ellis. Returning home to Spirit Bear Point First Nation, Hazel dreams of an old crow. A new job at the Band office introduces her to evidence that will prove useful as she tries to unravel a complicated land issue involving family and historic records. Nanabush, her mother, Gus, Mia, Joni, Robby and Thomas are the links between her life, family and home and the Medicine Wheel.

Price: $22.99

Chasing Painted Horses, hardcover ed.


Chasing Painted Horses by Drew Hayden Taylor (Ojibwe) is the story of cold but happy Harry in spite of being destitute due to a negligent and schizophrenic society confused in its understanding of the relationship between Aboriginal peoples and everybody else, in a so-called just, multicultural society. But Harry had talents coming from an oral culture. Ralph from Otter Lake reserve but now a Toronto Police officer meets Harry in curious circumstances. Danielle from Otter Lake reserve, who drew the original Horse on the Everything Wall, goes missing.

Price: $32.95

Nowhere To Hide, paperback ed.


Nowhere to Hide is a young adult book by Ojibwa writer, Kim Sigafus. In this book, Autumn Dawn enjoys the outdoor life of lakes and woods of White Earth Reservation in Minnesota but at school she is bullied. With the school play only months away, homework tensions and Aunt Jessie Little Wolf coming to stay and share her room, things are becoming complicated for Autumn. Dealing with dyslexia, speech issues which she shares with her father, Autumn learns that she is not alone and can share her feelings about why she has lower grades and speech issues especially with 's'.

Price: $9.95

Taqu Learns to Listen, Level 11, paper ed


In Taqu Learns to Listen, Taqu learn what it means to be a good friend as well as being respectful. Taqu enjoyed being outdoors and on a summer day she went to find some of her friends. But some friends were busy doing things such as packing to leave for a camping trip and another friend was very sad. Taqu learned from her mother that talking about problems sometimes helps a person feel better. But Aqi doesn’t want to talk as Taqu keeps asking more questions. Finally Taqu has to e told that sometimes people want to be alone for a while.

Price: $10.95

Ukaliq & Kalla Help Out, Level 11, paper ed


Ukaliq and Kalla Help Out is a 28-page English language reader in Inhabit Education's Nunavummi Reading Series. This is a unique Nunavut-made levelled reading series that aligns the reading expectations of the Inuit language, English, and French. The reading series corresponds closely to the reading levels and expectations developed by the Department of Education in Nunavut. This approach to literacy provides educators and parents the tools they need to ensure that children are equally challenged and successful in all the languages represented in Nunavut.

Price: $10.95

Story of Little Bones: Legends of Princess Curious, The, paper ed, LIMITED QUANTITIES


The Story of Little Bones: Legends of Princess Curious, written by Charm Logan, is an fantasy story that members of the entire family can enjoy. Readers see a whole new world through the eyes of Little Bones, a member of the fictional Ge-Lu tribe of Little People. Princess Curious (nicknamed Little Bones) meets a new group of friends whom she must keep secret from her community. Take part in her adventures as she learns about acceptance, tolerance and the power of friendship. This short, chapter book can be used to encourage new readers to start reading longer sections of text.

Price: $15.95