Meshom and the Little One, paper ed


Meshom and the Little One is a recent children's picture book published by Theytus Books. First-time author Elaine Wagner tells a charming story about a 10-year-old girl's move to the mountains of the west far from her Manitoba community, and her grandfather's guidance for overcoming the homesickness. Meshom brings the girl a small figurine that the child must paint on her own. She carefully chooses colours from the paints and applies her knowledge of the colour wheel learned in art class. The little figure or little one is a special character.

Price: $14.95

Game of Silence, The, paper ed


The Game of Silence is the second children's novel in Ojibwe writer Louise Erdrich's trilogy about the life of a 19th-century Ojibwe family set on Madeline Island in Lake Superior. The reader follows the daily life of 9-year-old Omakayas and her extended family during the yearly cycle of activities in 1849. This loving family enjoys a satisfying and happy way of life but everything changes during the summer season when a raggedy group of distant relative stumbles into their camp in search of food and shelter.

Price: $8.50

Angelique: Angel in the Snow (Book 4), paper ed LIMITED QUANTITY


Angelique: Angel in the Snow is Book 4 in the Our Canadian Girl series that features the Metis girl, Angelique. The modern map of Canada at the beginning of the book provides the location for the book's setting. The story takes place in Saskatchewan near Batoche in 1865 and features eleven-year-old Angelique Dumas and her Metis family. This is the last installment of the Angelique character's year-long story of life as a Metis child. The harrowing story takes place during winter and Angelique now has a baby sister along with her younger brother, Joseph.

Price: $8.99

Girl Who Married the Moon: Tales from Native North America, The, paper ed


The Girl Who Married the Moon: Tales from Native North America is a collection of 16 legends gathered and retold by noted storytellers Joseph Bruchac and Gayle Ross. Bruchac is the well-known Abenaki storyteller. Ross is a Cherokee storyteller and author who is a descendant of John Ross, the principal Cherokee chief during the Trail of Tears. Together they combine their talents to create a lively celebration of the roles of Native women through traditional stories and legends.

Price: $18.95

Tree Girl: A Novel, paper ed


Tree Girl: A Novel is based on the real-life drama of a QuichÚ Mayan girl who survived the civil war in Guatemala. Gabriela is fourteen when the story opens and her nickname, Tree Girl, suits her well. In QuichÚ, her name is Laj Ali Re Jayub, meaning Tree Girl. She received this name because of her love of climbing trees and how these trees offered a sanctuary for her imagination. On the evening of her fifteenth birthday, her Quincinera, American-trained Guatemalan soldiers attack her village searching for guerillas.

Price: $12.50

Buffalo Bird Girl: A Hidatsa Story, hardcover ed


Buffalo Bird Girl: A Hidatsa Story is a beautifully illustrated children's picture book about the childhood of the Hidatsa woman known to history as Buffalo Bird Woman or Waheenee. She was born into a traditional Hidatsa village around 1839. The people lived in permanent villages along the Missouri River. The Hidatsa people lived in earth-mound lodges and were farmers. This picture book by S. D Nelson (Standing Rock Sioux) tells the story of Buffalo Bird Girl's childhood growing up in this traditional lifestyle.

Price: $27.95

Shi-shi-etko, hardcover ed


Shi-shi-etko by first-time author Nicola Campbell is a children's picture book about an Interior Salish child with just four more days at home until she goes to residential school. The young girl of this recent offering spends her final four days experiencing quality time with her mother, father and grandmother. Each adult allows the child to experience the environment around her. Mother takes her daughter to the creek where she sings a special song that belongs to the family. Shi-shi-etko wades in the water and takes in all the experiences the land and water offer.

Price: $18.95

What Does Died Mean?, paper ed


What Does Died Mean? Is a bilingual (Navajo and English) picture book that explains the meaning of death in simple terms that a young child can understand. A three-year-old Navajo girl learns about the death of her grandfather through the gentle teaching of her grandmother. The issue of diabetes, proper diet, and the family lifestyle are woven into the story. Through direct question and answer, the grandmother and child come to an understanding of loss and death by means of examples from their surroundings. Soft pastel colour drawings by Patrick G.

Price: $11.70

Angelique: Autumn Alone (Book 3), paper ed LIMITED QUANTITIES


Angelique: Autumn Alone is Book 3 in the Our Canadian Girl series that features the Metis heroine, Angelique. A modern map of Canada at the beginning of the book provides the location of the book's setting. The story takes place in Saskatchewan near Batoche in the late 1860s and features eleven-year Angelique Dumas and her family. This autumn Angelique looks forward to assisting her family during the fall buffalo hunt but circumstances have changed this year. Angelique's older sister has married, and Angelique learns that her mother is pregnant.

Price: $8.99