Betty: The Helen Betty Osborne Story, paper ed 2017 FNCR


Betty: The Helen Betty Osborne Story by David Alexander Robertson and Scott B. Henderson is Portage and Main's revised edition of The Life of Helen Betty Osborne: A Graphic Novel. Helen Betty Osborne (1952-1971), known as Betty to her closest friends and family, dreamed of becoming a teacher. She left her home to attend residential school and high school in a small town in Manitoba. On November 13, 1971, Betty was abducted and brutally murdered by four young men. Initially met with silence and indifference, her tragic murder resonates loudly today.

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What is Truth, Betsy? A Story of Truth, paper ed


What is Truth, Betsy? A Story of Truth is one book in The Seven Teachings Stories series from Highwater Press. Miskwaadesi is puzzled about the teaching, Truth. But she knows more than she thinks she does. Set in urban landscapes, Indigenous children tell familiar stories about home, school, and community. In this final teaching of the Seven Grandfather Teaching, a young Ojibwe girl asks about the meaning of truth. The teacher finds simple questions for this young scholar to answer. Betsy begins with asking Miskwaadesi about herself. The girl explains she is an Anishinaabe girl.

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Rose's Run, paper ed


2015 Shortlist Title for First Nation Communities Read. Rose's Run by Plains Cree comedian and actor Dawn Dumont is the author's second novel. Rose Okanese, a single mother with two kids, has been pushed into a corner by Rez citizens to claim some self-respect, and decides that the fastest way to do that is to run the reserve's annual marathon. Though Rose hasn't run in twenty years, smokes, and initially has little motivation, she announces her intention to run the race.

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Singing Sisters: A Story of Humility, paper ed


Singing Sisters: A Story of Humility is a simply illustrated 24-page book from the Highwater Press series, The Seven Teaching Stories. Ma'iingan knows she is a very good singer. Conflict erupts when her little sister wants to sing just like her. With short sentences and easy vocabulary, this little reader is perfect for stories about sibling rivalry. Big sister Ma'iingan finds her little sister's singing to be just awful. On the way to their auntie's house with their mother, little sister wants to sing too. But Ma'iingan does not approve.

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No Name, paper ed


No Name is one of the titles in 7th Generations' PathFinders Series. This series of novels are known as high/low books—written at a lower reading level but with high-interest, age-appropriate plots. Designed for reluctant readers ages 12 and up, these books feature linear story lines, limited vocabulary and short sentences. The main characters in all the titles are Indigenous teens and the stories all include references to traditional ways. The layout and print size also contribute in making the books easier to read.

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Yetsa's Sweater, paper ed


Yetsa's Sweater is a charming picture book by Sylvia Olsen about the women of the Coast Salish who continue to create beautiful Cowichan sweaters. It is an effective picture book that demonstrates First Nations experiential learning. Yetsa is spending time with her grandmother assisting in the preparation of the sheep's wool needed to knit these amazing one-of-a-kind sweaters. The story and illustrations show the love and understanding between the generations as Yetsa's mother joins the group to complete the many tasks needed to make the wool ready for knitting.

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Roogaroo Mickey, paper ed


In Roogaroo Mickey, Mamayr tells Louis and Charlie a Roogaroo story from when she was a little girl. This is a children's picture book in which Mamayr tells her two grandchildren, a story about the Métis werewolf, the Roogaroo. In addition to the story, the book contains a translation into Michif-Cree by Michif specialist Norman Fleury, background information about Roogaroos, a Question and Answer with artist Leah Dorion, as well as a CD with narrations in English by author Wilfred Burton, and in Michif by translator Norman Fleury.

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Not My Girl, hardcover ed


Not My Girl is the 32-page picture book adaptation of Margaret Pokiak-Fenton's book, A Stranger at Home. Margaret and her daughter-in-law, Christy Jordan-Fenton have adapted Margaret's childhood story about her life in a residential school when she was a child. This picture book memoir begins with Olemaun (the stone that sharpens the women’s knife, the ulu) returning to her family's home after spending two long years at residential school. The changes this 10-year old endured are evident to all her family and friends.

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Une Promesse C'est Une Promesse, paper ed (A Promise is a Promise)


Une Promesse C'est Une Promesse is the 2014 French edition of Michael Kusugak's and Robert Munsch's classic children's book, A Promise is a Promise. In this story Michael Kusugak and Robert Munsch collaborate by taking the mythical characters that live in the sea ice, the Qallupilluit, and create an adventure story about a young Inuit girl. Allashua does not listen to her mother's warnings about Qallupilluit. She convinces herself that these creatures, which are similar to trolls, are just stories her mother uses as a warning to keep away from the dangerous sea ice.

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