Tantalize, paper ed


Tantalize is a young adult gothic novel written by Creek children's author Cynthia Leitich Smith. Smith has left behind her Native American themes but retains the humour and good writing in this romantic fantasy with werewolf and vampire characters, and a Texas Italian restaurant setting. Quincie Morris is a seventeen-year-old high school student whose parents have died and she is left in her uncle's care to run the family business, a restaurant. Uncle and niece plan to remodel the restaurant with a strong gothic vampire theme that serves Italian cuisine.

Price: $10.00

Stone Cutter and the Navajo Maiden, The, hardcover ed


The Stone Cutter and the Navajo Maiden, Tse Yitsidi doo Ch'ikeeh Bitsedaashjee is a bilingual children's picture book that explains the importance of the Navajo metate or grinding stone. A young Navajo girl lives with her father after the death of her mother and takes over the roll of grinding the corn to make flour. One day she trips and falls while carrying the metate or grinding stone and it shatters. To the Navajo, this grinding stone is an important tool for processing corn into flour for breadmaking.

Price: $19.95

Saver, The, paper ed


The Saver is a young adult novel written in the form of letters from a teen sent to an imaginary friend, Xanoth, who lives and thrives in a far-away planet. Life is rough and hard for Fern and her mother who live in an tiny apartment in Montreal. Mother is a First Nation woman whose only relative lives in Winnipeg. Fern and her mother are trying to make a life in Montreal where high school and cleaning jobs are routine. One day Fern returns home to find tragedy waits after her mother has fallen down stairs and was taken to hospital.

Price: $12.95

Empowerment of North American Indian Girls: Ritual Expressions at Puberty, hardcover ed


Empowerment of North American Indian Girls: Ritual Expressions at Puberty is a study by developmental psychologist Carol A. Markstrom of the ceremonial practices of specific Native American communities surrounding the coming-of-age of young women. She examines the anthropological, historical, and Indigenous literature on the subject and combines this data with ceremonies she attended specifically the Apache Sunrise Dance or Na'ii'ees at San Carlos. She also writes about the puberty ceremonies for of Navajo, Lakota, and Ojibwe girls.

Price: $62.95

Secret Legacy, The, hardcover ed


The Secret Legacy is an illustrated chapter book that tells several traditional Mayan accounts of the world, humans, and the spiritual world by renowned activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Rigoberta Menchu. Despite living through years of warfare in Guatemala, Menchu recounts joyous traditional legends and stories about life in Guatemala and the world of the Mayan people. The heroine, Ixkem, is a seven-year-old girl who is taught about the Mayan world by her elderly grandfather.

Price: $19.95

Tihtiyas and Jean, paper ed


Tihtiyas and Jean is a trilingual picture book that retells a Passamaquoddy legend and also introduces the idea of contact with the French. The French title is Tihtiyas et Jean and is written in English with the French translation by Nathalie Gagnon. The Passamaquoddy title is Tihtiyas naka Jean and is translated by Donald Soctomah. The main character is a 12-year-old Passamaquoddy girl named Tihtiyas. She lives with her extended family near the mouth of the Schoodic River. One day she retells her younger brother the traditional story about Glooscap and Wuchowsen, the Wind-blower.

Price: $8.95

Middle Row, paper ed


Middle Row is part of the Orca Soundings series published by Orca Publishing. This series is designed as short, large-print paperback novels with high interest and low vocabulary. Targeted at the reluctant reader, the stories use compelling themes combined with authentic teenage dialogue. The book does not draw the reader's attention that is designed for teens reading below grade level. This novel is levelled at 2.4. Middle Row's storyline does not disappoint.

Price: $9.95

Girlness: Deal With It Body and Soul, paper ed


Girlness: Deal With It Body and Soul is one of the titles in the Deal With It Series created to assist adolescents with everyday conflicts in their lives and promotes peaceful resolution. This title examines gender issues as it applies to femininity, how these issues can cause conflict, and how to deal with problems resulting from stereotyping.

Price: $12.95

Omuskegowak: Cree People of James Bay, paper ed, LIMITED QUANTITIES


Omuskegowak: Cree People of James Bay is a bilingual Cree and English literacy workbook about the Cree People of James Bay and published by Ningwakwe Learning Press. This 72-page book contains the English edition and on the inverted pages the text is written in James Bay Cree (Western dialect) using syllabic characters. Language teacher Annie Ashamock wrote the text that consists of twelve brief sections that describe the cultural traditions and history of the James Bay Cree.

Price: $15.95

Lana's Lakota Moons, paper ed


Lana's Lakota Moons is the most recent children's novel by Lakota writer Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve. Set in contemporary times, the story revolves around the Lakota calendar as two sisters (cousins) deal with their different personal interests as they share their grandparents' Lakota cultural traditions. The narrator, Lori, finds her cousin-sister to be mischievous and often lazy. Lori is the bookworm and the two are always finding ways to challenge their grandparents' patience.

Price: $22.50