Goose Girl, paper ed


Goose Girl is a children's picture book from authors Joe and Matrine McLellan. In this story, the authors introduce a young girl named Marie who lived long ago and spoke Cree and French. Marie loved the fall season and enjoyed walking by the lake and watching the geese. She began to understand the life cycle of the geese and thought they were beautiful birds. In fact Marie loved the geese so much that she refused to eat goose for supper.

Price: $10.95

Tantalize, hardcover ed


Tantalize is a young adult gothic novel written by Creek children's author Cynthia Leitich Smith. Smith has left behind her Native American themes but retains the humour and good writing in this romantic fantasy with werewolf and vampire characters, and a Texas Italian restaurant setting. Quincie Morris is a seventeen-year-old high school student whose parents have died and she is left in her uncle's care to run the family business, a restaurant. Uncle and niece plan to remodel the restaurant with a strong gothic vampire theme that serves Italian cuisine.

Price: $21.00

Sled Dog for Moshi, A, paper ed


A Sled Dog for Moshi is a picture book first published in 1994. This reprint tells a contemporary story about an Inuk girl and her friend Jessica from New York. The two girls enjoy playing with the white terrier dog that is the New York girl's pet. Moshi really wants a pet dog just like Jessica's dog. Moshi knows the purpose of Inuit sled dogs is to pull the sled and not act as pets. Nevertheless Moshi asks her father for one of the new puppies her father's lead dog will soon have. But the dog mysteriously disappears.

Price: $9.95

Northern Cheyenne Album: Photographs by Thomas B. Marquis, A, paper ed


A Northern Cheyenne Album: Photographs by Thomas B Marquis is a remarkable collection of 142 black and white photographs taken between 1922 and 1935 by Thomas Marquis while he served as a doctor at the Northern Cheyenne Reservation at Lame Deer, Montana. The images are portraits of individuals and families as well as images of everyday activities on the reservation. There are no props or studio shots.

Price: $34.50

Yellow Line, paper ed


Yellow Line is part of the Orca Soundings series published by Orca Publishing. This series is designed as short, large-print paperback novels with high interest and low vocabulary. Targeted at the reluctant reader, the stories use compelling themes combined with authentic teenage dialogue. The book does not draw the reader's attention that is designed for teens reading below grade level. Yellow Line's storyline does not disappoint. Sylvia Olsen tells a story about two separate communities, one a small whites-only village and the other a small First Nations reserve set in British Columbia.

Price: $9.95

Muskrat Will Be Swimming, paper ed


Muskrat Will Be Swimming is a 32-page picture book about a contemporary Native American girl who learns to be proud of her ancestry and understands the power of name-calling and teasing. Jeannie loves living beside a lake where muskrats live but her fellow classmates from the affluent part of town call her names and bully her. Being called Lake Rat makes Jeannie sad but wise grandfather tells her the Seneca Creation story about Skywoman being assisted by birds and animals. In the story the muskrat is responsible for bring up earth in its tiny paws from the deep water.

Price: $10.95

Rising Fawn and the Fire Mystery, third edition


Cherokee author Marilou Awiakta weaves a fascinating chapter book that is based on the real-life experiences of a seven-year-old Choctaw girl kidnapped by United States soldiers during the 1830s. Rising Fawn lived with her extended Choctaw family in Mississippi but the American government's plans for the removal of all Indians to the west intruded on her life. With clarity and compassion the author has taken the real-life experiences of a Choctaw child and retold a moving narrative as seen through the eyes of the child.

Price: $20.16

Zoe and the Fawn, paper ed


Zoe and the Fawn is a delightful 32-page children's picture book. The simple story revolves around a girl named Zoe and her father as they go outside to feed and water their horses and see a tiny fawn off in the distance. With the simple questions asked by Zoe about the location of the fawn's mother and father's gentle responses, the reader is taken on a magical adventure of the woods where there are birds and animals.

Price: $12.95

Mon Pays À Feu Et À Sang: Genevieve Aubuchon, Au Temps De La Bataille Des Plaines D'Abraham, hardcover ed


Mon Pays À Feu Et À Sang: Genevieve Aubuchon, Au Temps De La Bataille Des Plaines D'Abraham is the French translation of The Death of My Country: The Plains of Abraham Diary of Genevieve Aubuchon. This is a recent historical novel by Maxine Trottier that explores an Abenaki girl's experiences during the Battle of the Plains of Abraham in New France, 1759. This novel is part of the Dear Canada series. The French editions is translated by Martine Faubert. Genevieve is a Catholic orphan raised in a French widow's household.

Price: $16.99

Meshom and the Little One, paper ed


Meshom and the Little One is a recent children's picture book published by Theytus Books. First-time author Elaine Wagner tells a charming story about a 10-year-old girl's move to the mountains of the west far from her Manitoba community, and her grandfather's guidance for overcoming the homesickness. Meshom brings the girl a small figurine that the child must paint on her own. She carefully chooses colours from the paints and applies her knowledge of the colour wheel learned in art class. The little figure or little one is a special character.

Price: $14.95