Algonquin Legacy, paperback ed. (Available August 25, 2021).


Algonquin Legacy is the fourth book in Rick Revelle's Algonquin Quest series. Rick Revelle is a member of Ardoch Algonquin First Nation.This book starts out about 15 years after the Battle of Crow Wing River where the combined allies of the Anishinaabe had fought the powerful nation of the Lakota in the Lakota home lands. When the Anishinaabe returned to their village the decision was made to go towards the western sun to settle. This decision came at great cost to the surviving family unit of the late Omàmiwinini (Algonquin) leader Mahingan. This split up a very strong family.

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Ancestors Indigenous Peoples of Western Canada in Historic Photographs, paperback ed. Available 1 September, 2021


Ancestors: Indigenous Peoples of Western Canada in Historic Photographs by Dr. Sarah Carter, awarded the Killam Prize in the Humanitie, and Inez Lightning, Yellow Bird Woman, is Anishinaabe.This exhibition catalogue introduces historic photographs of Indigenous peoples of Western Canada from a collection housed at the University of Alberta’s Bruce Peel Special Collections. The publication focuses on the ancestors represented in the collection and how their images continue to generate stories and meanings in the present.

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Space-Time Colonialism Alaska's Indigenous and Asian Entanglements, paperback ed. Available June 28, 2021.


Space-Time Colonialism Alaska's Indigenous and Asian Entanglements by Juliana Hu Pegues discusses the geopolitics of Alaska as an indispensable context for examining the form and function of American colonialism, particularly in the shift from western continental expansion to global empire. Four key historical periods in U.S.-Alaskan history: the Alaskan purchase, the Gold Rush, the emergence of salmon canneries, and the World War II era. In each, Hu Pegues recognizes colonial and racial entanglements between Alaska Native peoples and Asian immigrants.

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At Geronimo's Grave, paperback ed.


In, At Geronimo's Grave, Armand Garnet Ruffo, who was born and raised in northern Ontario, draws upon his Ojibwe heritage to discuss the reality of Geronimo, the great Apache warrior's fate which is little remembered. In, At Geronimo's Grave, Armand Garnet Ruffo uses the Apache warrior's life as a metaphor for the lives of many of the abandoned Indigenous people on this continent. He uses straightforward language to examine the lives and experiences of people who struggle to make their way in a world that has no place for them, starting with Geronimo himself.

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Covered with Night: A Story of Murder and Indigenous Justice in Early America, hardcover ed. Available April 27, 2021.


Covered with Night: A Story of Murder and Indigenous Justice in Early America is authored by Nicole Eustace. On the eve of a major treaty conference between Iroquois leaders and European colonists in 1722, two white fur traders attacked an Indigenous hunter and left him for dead near Conestoga, Pennsylvania. Though virtually forgotten today, this act of brutality set into motion a remarkable series of criminal investigations and cross-cultural negotiations that challenged the definition of justice in early America.

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Lost Boy From A Line of Heroes, paperback ed.


Lost Boy From A Line of Heroes is the memoir of Gordon Miller, a member of Mattagami First Nation and mixed ancestry. He looks back on an era of trading posts, trap lines and canoe brigades in Canada's North and also family losses, relationships and memories. Lost Boy From A Line of Heroes brings to life a bygone period and the transition to urbanization of Canada's North. For more than two hundred years, his Indigenous, Scottish, Irish and English ancestors played many roles in Canada's fur trade, as voyageurs, trappers and traders with the Northwest Company and the Hudson's Bay Company.

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The Fourth World: An Indian Reality, paperback ed.


The Fourth World: An Indian Reality, is a foundational work of radical anticolonialism and is back in print after being originally published in 1974, The Fourth World is a critical work of Indigenous political activism that has long been out of print. George Manuel (Secwepemc), a leader in the North American Indian movement at that time, with coauthor journalist Michael Posluns, presents a rich historical document that traces the struggle for Indigenous survival as a nation, a culture, and a reality.

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A Girl Called Echo: Road Allowance Era; Vol. 4, paper ed. Available April 20, 2021


Road Allowance Era is the fourth graphic novel in the A Girl Called Echo series, by Katherena Vermette and illustrated by Scott Henderson and Donovan Yaciuk. Katherena Vermette is a Métis writer of poetry, fiction, and children’s literature. Scott Henderson has worked as an illustrator for comics, portraiture, and advertising art and Donovan Yaciuk has done colouring work on books and comics. In this volume, Road Allowance Era, the Manitoba Act’s promise of land for the Métis has gone unfulfilled, and many Métis flee to the Northwest.

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Skyscrapers Hide the Heavens: A History of Indian-White Relations in Canada, 4th ed., paper ed


Skyscrapers Hide the Heavens: A History of Indian-White Relations in Canada is the newly revised third edition by J. R. Miller. A professor of history at the University of Saskatchewan, Miller has made substantial additions to his comprehensive 1989 text. Miller views Indian-White relations within a four-stage framework. His original thesis remains unchanged but his revisions acknowledges the changes from Oka in 1990, the sovereignty issue, and the results of several recent court decisions such as Delgamuukw.

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