Du Sang Sur Nos Terres: Joséphine Bouvier, Témoin de la Rébellion de Louis Riel, (Blood Upon Our Land), hardcover ed


Du Sang Sur Nos Terres: Joséphine Bouvier, Témoin de la Rébellion de Louis Riel, is the French language edition of Blood Upon Our Land: The North West Resistance Diary of Josephine Bouvier by Maxine Trottier. This French edition is translated by Martine Faubert. This historical novel is part of the Cher Journal series (Dear Canada Series) from Editions Scholastic.

Price: $16.99

Middle of Everywhere, The, paper ed


The Middle of Everywhere is a powerful novel told in first-person narrative about a reluctant 15-year-old youth visiting his estranged father who is a respected teacher in Kangiqsualujjuaq, Quebec. Noah is nervous to visit his father in the far and desolate north because he really does not know his father and Noah really wants to remain living in Montreal with his mom and be close to all his school friends. But Noah's eyes are opened when he arrives in the small Inuit community. The first day he goes for a jog but his new-found pet dog is hit by a truck.

Price: $12.95

Oil King Courage, paper ed


Oil King Courage is part of the Orca Sport Series and is targeted for reluctant readers who require high interest and low vocabulary books. This hockey oriented title contains an exciting sports context as well as mystery and friendship themes. The two main characters include Edmonton Oil Kings popular player Reuben Reuben and his friend Gear. Reuben is from Inuvik and when a wealthy entrepreneur sponsors a three-on-three pond-hockey tour across the western Arctic the boys sign up for the challenge. Reading Level: 4.1; ATOS Reading Level: 4.3; Guided Reading Level: Y.

Price: $9.95

Roughing, paper ed


Josh Watson must decide what to do when some of the other players on his hockey team try to play a dangerous prank on a fellow teammate. Josh has been selected to attend an elite summer hockey camp. Here he rooms with Peter Kuiksak, a likeable and talented youth from the Northwest Territories. Josh is trying hard to conceal his diabetes at the same time fitting in with the boys. When he learns about a cruel hazing of his roommate Josh must decide what he should do. An action-filled sports novel with an ethical twist. Reading Level: 4.2; ATOS Reading Level: 4.2

Price: $9.95

Dear Canada: Blood Upon Our Land: The North West Resistance Diary of Josephine Bouvier, hardcover ed


Dear Canada Blood Upon Our Land: The North West Resistance Diary of Josephine Bouvier by Maxine Trottier is a title in the Dear Canada Series. Text in English, with some French words. Thirteen-year-old Josephine describes, in journal format, her mixed feelings about the North West Resistance against the white settlers in the late nineteenth century as the Métis and allied First Nations fight for their way of life in Canada. Tension grips Batoche, Saskatchewan in 1885. Many Métis have moved here after the 1870 Riel Rebellion in Manitoba. But life in Batoche is difficult.

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When the Horses Ride By: Children in Times of War, paper ed


When the Horses Ride By: Children in Times of War is a powerful picture book that can be used effectively in the classroom to introduce discussions about war and peace. Through the eyes and words of children, the author and illustrator approached the themes of dreams and aspirations, and overcoming war by having the words spoken by children in 17 free verse poems. Each two-page spread tackles a period of military history such as the American Revolution or the second war in Iraq through the eyes of children affected by the war.

Price: $9.95

March Toward the Thunder, paper ed


March Toward Thunder is a moving historical novel by Abenaki author Joseph Bruchac that features 15-year old Louis, an Abenaki youth from Canada. He is recruited to fight for the northern Irish Brigade during the American Civil War. While living in New York with his mother 15-year-old Nolette seeks adventure, a paycheque, and an end to slavery. The army seems like a good choice. Here Louis finds other frightened youth on the long summer march to Virginia. He discovers there is no actual war heroes or bad guys just a dirty business, as one sergeant puts it.

Price: $13.99

Life of Helen Betty Osborne: A Graphic Novel, The, paper ed OUT OF PRINT


The Life of Helen Betty Osborne: A Graphic Novel is a 32-page graphic novel published by In A Bind Publications and the Helen Betty Osborne Memorial Foundation. Written by David Alexander Robertson and illustrated by Madison Blackstone, the novel takes readers into the world of the bright Cree teenager Helen Betty Osborne (1952-1971). Her brutal murder shocked her Cree community and the miscarriage of justice that followed remains a scar on the Canadian justice system.

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No Time to Say Goodbye: Children's Stories of Kruper Indian Residential School, paper ed


No Time to Say Goodbye: Children's Stories of Kruper Indian Residential School is a fictionalized account of the experiences of five First Nations children who attended Tsartlip Day School and were apprehended by government Indian agents and sent to Kruper Island Residential School. Author Sylvia Olsen talked with six community members and listened to their accounts of their time spent at the residential school.

Price: $9.95

For the Children, paper ed


For the Children is the newly published posthumous book of poetry by renowned Mi'kmaw poet Rita Joe (1932-2007). The publisher, Breton Books, collected previously published poems and more recent poems that were written when illness entered Rita Joe's life. Black ink woodcuts of animals drawn by Burland Murphy are included throughout the volume. Rita Joe was born in Wycocomagh, Cape Breton Island and attended Shubenacadie Indian Residential School. Her first book of poetry was published in 1978.

Price: $18.95