Sites of Power: A Concise History of Ontario, paper ed


Sites of Power: A Concise History of Ontario is the revised and updated edition of Ontario: Image, Identity, and Power. In this edition the author provides a sweeping overview of Ontario history from 9,000 BC to the present day. The introductory chapters are devoted to the standard anthropological and archaeological interpretations of First Nations in the pre-contact era. Chapter 1 covers the period from 9,000 BC to 1500. The second chapter details the years of early contact from 1580 to 1653. Chapter 3 covers the cultural mixing from 1653 to 1763.

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Eagle Down is Our Law: Witsuwit'en Law, Feasts, and Land Claims, paper ed


Eagle Down is Our Law: Witsuwit'en Law, Feasts, and Land Claims by anthropologist Antonia Mills presents her testimony and contextual information about the 1991 court case, Delgamuukw v. the Queen. The Witsuwit'en and Gitksan of British Columbia argued that they maintained their inherent Aboriginal title to their traditional territories in a province that has historically seen few treaties signed.

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Natives and Settlers, Now and Then: Historical Issues and Current Perspectives on Treaties and Land Claims in Canada, paper ed


Natives and Settlers, Now and Then: Historical Issues and Current Perspectives on Treaties and Land Claims in Canada is volume 34, number 1 in the journal Canadian Review of Comparative Literature. This collection of five essays is based on the presentations made during a 2000 conference at the University of Alberta. The contributors are Sharon Venne, Patricia Seed, Harold Cardinal, Frank Tough, and Erin McGregor. Cree lawyer Sharon Venne offers a paper about the oral understanding of Treaty 6 and the treaty-making undertaken in 1876 in Saskatchewan.

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Law and Aboriginal Peoples in Canada, 5th ed


Law and Aboriginal Peoples in Canada is the 5th edition of this popular text about aspects of Canadian law as it applies to First Nations and Inuit. Part of the Canadian Legal Studies Series published by Captus Press, this volume contains up-to-date information for students in the legal studies or law and society programs. This book covers the legal definition of an Aboriginal Person (status), Aboriginal Rights, Indian Treaties, legislative jurisdiction, the Constitution Act, fiduciary duties, Aboriginal self-government, and specific land claim agreements.

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Illustrated History of Canada's Native Peoples: I Have Lived Here Since the World Began, An, revised & expanded, paper ed


An Illustrated History of Canada's Native Peoples: I Have Lived Here Since the World Began is the 2011 revised and expanded edition of the earlier title, I Have Lived Here Since the World Began. Historian Arthur J. Ray offers the general reader an accessible overview of the history of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada from pre-contact to the twenty-first century.

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Critical Inuit Studies: An Anthology of Contemporary Arctic Ethnography, paper ed


Collection of 15 scholarly essays about the history, politics and social life of the Inuit of Canada and Alaska written by anthropologists, geographers, social workers and social policy analysts. Topics include Elders and youth; time, space and memory; participatory anthropology in Nunavut; land claims, development and citizenship; trade; Inuit place names; Inuit social networks in an urban setting; Inuit geographical knowledge; housing; and cultural survival. Includes an extensive bibliography, index, photographs, and maps.

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Oneida Indians in the Age of Allotment, 1860-1920, The, hardcover ed


The Oneida Indians in the Age of Allotment, 1860-1920 is a collection of writings by Oneida educators, historians, scholars, and Elders collected during a 2003 historical conference held in Oneida, Wisconsin. Their writings cover specific years and a variety of topics including education, boarding and residential schools, land claims issues, musical life, economic activities, veterans in the Civil War, leadership, and legal cases. Historian Laurence Hauptman worked with Gordon McLester to compile the essays and oral history accounts.

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Between Justice and Certainty: Treaty Making in British Columbia, paper ed


Sociologist examines the ongoing treaty process in British Columbia established in 1992. Designed to resolve outstanding land claims of First Nations the process has pitted First Nations against non-Aboriginals in the province. The author views the process as a discourse between justice and certainty. He draws on interviews and archival and modern treaty documents to argue that justice needs in win out in the province so reconciliation can occur.

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Staking Land Claims, paper ed


Staking Land Claims is the catalogue of the art exhibition held at the Walter Phillips Art Gallery in February 1997. Curated by Patricia Deadman, the exhibition focuses on the work of four Indiginous artists: Kelly Greene, Anne Walk, Michael Belmore and Mary Anne Barkhouse. These four Aboriginal artists explore First Nations and their relationships to the land and environment. Their installations explore each artist's personal connection to the land and their responses to identity, traditions and memory.

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Hang Onto These Words: Johnny David's Delgamuukw Evidence, paper ed


In 1985 and 1986, ninety-year-old Witsuwit'en Chief, Maxlaxlex, Johnny David, was the first Witsuwit'en to give Commission Evidence in the Delgamuukw land claims case in which the Witsuwit'en and Gitxsan of Northern British Columbia were battling for title to their traditional territories. Hang on to These Words presents the actual transcripts of the questions and answers between lawyers working on both sides and this knowledgeable and outspoken Native elder who spoke in his own language and whose words were then translated by an interpreter into English.

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