Truth and Bright Water, paper ed


Truth and Bright Water is an interesting novel by Thomas King about two youths living along the Montana - Alberta border. The small American town is called Truth; and the reserve just across the border is called Bright Water. Cousin Lum tries desperately to wint the Indian Days race and so move away from his abusive parent. Cousin Tesumseh also attempts to understand his family. The easy to read style contains themes of love, betrayal, reconciliation, self-discovery and the search for meaning.

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One Good Story, That One, paper ed


One Good Story, That One is a collection of 10 short stories by Greek/Cherokee writer Thomas King. The stories include One Good Story That One; Totem; Magpies; Trap Lines; How Corporal Colin Sterling Saved Blossom, Alberta, and Most of the Rest of the World as Well; The One about Coyote Going West; A Seat in the Garden; Joe the Painter and the Deer Island Massacre; A Coyote Columbus Story; and Borders. These short stories deal with themes of the Trickster, identity, injustice, family relationships, and maintaining one's cultural traditions.

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Indian School Days, paper ed


Indian School Days is the humourous, bitter-sweet autobiography by Ojibwe linguist and storyteller Basil Johnston who was taken from his family at age ten and placed in Jesuit boarding school in northern Ontario. It was 1939 when the feared Indian agent visited Basil Johnston's family and removed him and his four-year-old sister to St. Peter Claver's school, run by the priests in a community known as Spanish, 75 miles from Sudbury. Spanish was a word synonymous with residential school, penitentiary, reformatory, exile, dungeon, whippings, kicks, slaps, all rolled into one.

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Flint and Feather, paper ed


Flint and Feather is a reprint of the book of verse first published by the Musson Book Company of Toronto in 1912. Emily Pauline Johnson (1861-1913) was born at Chiefswood on the Six Nations Reserve to a Mohawk father and an English mother. Johnson's writing career began in 1895 with the publication of her first book of poems, White Wampum. She went on to write additional books of verse and prose. Her career as a stage entertainer took her across Canada and United States as well as England. In her stage career she adopted her grandfather's Mohawk name, Tekahionwake.

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Slash, revised ed, paper ed


Slash is a powerful novel about a young Native man, Slash Kelasket from the Okanagan Nation of British Columbia. Slash's story begins in grade six where he is taught by nuns. His life is a struggle as he seeks to establish his identity through spiritual confirmation and active political struggle. Set in the turbulent times of change during 1960s and 1970s, Slash travels throughout the United States and Canada in a pursuit justice for all Native People. While trying to break the bonds of colonialism, Slash meets Native People of all political stripes.

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An Anthology of Canadian Native Literature in English, 4th Ed, paper ed


An Anthology of Canadian Native Literature in English edited by Delaware playwright/poet Daniel David Moses and York University English Professor Terry Goldie has been revised in this fourth edition. The editors have added Armand Garnet Ruffo as a co-editor to this 20th anniversary edition. Ruffo has added a much-needed introduction to this 4th edition bringing this volume up-to-date. The wide-ranging survey of writing in English by Canadian Native authors features prose selections, traditional songs, short stories, plays, poems and essays.

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April Raintree, revised ed


April Raintree is the 2016 revised edition of In Search of April Raintree, adapted for use in high school. The tragic story of two Metis sisters caught in the foster home system makes compelling reading. The author explores the search for identity, racism, treatment of Native children and violence in this powerful novel revised especially for use in high school. This new edition has a foreword by Senator Murray Sinclair. Reading Level: 8.1; Lexile Measure: 750.

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In Search of April Raintree - Critical Edition, paper ed


In Search of April Raintree is the story of two Métis sisters growing up in Winnipeg, Manitoba. After the girls are removed from their family, they are sent to separate foster homes. Métis writer Beatrice Culleton Mosionier recounts their struggle with loss, violence, racism, and search for identity in this moving narrative. This novel has become an important text in recent Canadian literature. This new critical edition includes the complete text of the novel and ten original essays.

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