Highway of Tears A True Story of Racism, Indifference and the Pursuit of Justice for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, paper ed.


Highway of Tears by Jessica McDiarmid (paperback ed.) is an account of Indigenous women and girls who have gone missing or have been found murdered through stories of their lives .The 725-kilometre stretch of highway in British Columbia known as Highway of Tears or Highway 16, includes the River Skeena, and has sparked a national crisis of tragedy and travesty for the missing and murdered women and girls who are associated with it.

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Storying Violence: Unravelling Colonial Narratives in the Stanley Trial, paper ed.


Storying Violence: Unravelling Colonial Narratives in the Stanley Trial is written by Gina Starblanket, Cree/Saulteaux and a member of the Star Blanket Cree Nation in Treaty 4 territory; and Dallas Hunt, Cree and a member of Wapsewsipi (Swan River First Nation) in Treaty 8 territory in Northern Alberta. Storying Violence uses colonial and socio-political narratives that underlie white rural settler life to discuss the fatal shooting of Cree youth Colten Boushie by Saskatchewan farmer Gerald Stanley in August of 2016.

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Canada's Other Red Scare: Indigenous Protest and Colonial Encounters During the Global Sixties, paper ed.


Canada's Other Red Scare: Indigenous Protest and Colonial Encounters during the Global Sixties is written by Scott Rutherford. Indigenous activism put small-town northern Ontario on the map in the 1960s and early 1970s. Kenora, Ontario, was home to a four-hundred-person march, popularly called "Canada's First Civil Rights March," and a two-month-long armed occupation of a small lakefront park.

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Inconvenient Skin / nayêhtâwan wasakay, English and Cree, paper ed.


Inconvenient Skin / nayêhtâwan wasakay written by Shane Koyczan, Cree, and now available in paperback, is a dual language English and Cree poetry and art book. It includes the artwork by Kent Monkman, of Cree ancestry; Joseph Sánchez, a leader in Indigenous and Chicano arts since the 1970s; Jim Logan, who grew up in a Métis household; and Nadia Kwandibens Anishinaabe (Ojibwe) from the Animakee Wa Zhing #37 First Nation. The Cree translation is provided by Solomon Ratt.

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Brotherhood to Nationhood: George Manuel and the Making of the Modern Indian Movement, paper ed.


Brotherhood to Nationhood: George Manuel and the Making of the Modern Indian Movement by Peter McFarlane and Dorren Manuel, Secwepemc/Ktunaxa) is the 2nd edition of this book. This updated edition is charged with fresh material and new perspectives of the groundbreaking biography From Brotherhood to Nationhood and brings George Manuel and his fighting tradition into the present. George Manuel (1920–1989) was the strategist and visionary behind the modern Indigenous movement in Canada.

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Fight or Submit, Standing Tall in Two Worlds, hardcover ed.


In, Fight or Submit: Standing Tall in Two Worlds by Grand Chief Ronald M. Derrickson states in the opening to his memoir, that his “story is not a litany of complaints but a list of battles” that he has fought. And he promises he will not be overly pious in his telling of them. “As a businessman,” he writes, “I like to give the straight goods. In Fight or Submit, Grand Chief  Derrickson delivers on his promise. Born and raised in a tarpaper shack, he went on to become one of the most successful Indigenous businessmen in Canada.

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Métis Politics and Governance in Canada, paper ed.


Métis Politics and Governance in Canada, by scholars Kelly Saunders and Janique Dubois, offers a novel and practical guide to understand who the Métis are, how they govern themselves, and the challenges they face on the path to self-government. The Métis have always been a political people. With the culmination of the North-West Resistance in 1885 and the hanging of their spiritual and political leader, Louis Riel, the Métis continued to take political action to give life to Riel’s vision of a self-governing Métis Nation in Canada.

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First Nations Self-Government: 17 Roadblocks to Self-Determination, and One Chief's Thoughts on Solutions, paper ed.


First Nations Self-Government: 17 Roadblocks to Self-Determination, and One Chief’s Thoughts on Solutions is by Leroy Wolf Collar, a member of Siksika Nation in southern Alberta where he served as a Band Councillor from 1993-2007 and Chief from 2007-2010. In First Nations Self-Government, Leroy Wolf Collar discusses how Indigenous Peoples in Canada are continuing to assert their right to self-determination in this era of reconciliation.

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Cold Case North, paper ed.


Cold Case North: The Search for James Brady and Absolom Halkett is a work about missing persons and double murder by Michael Nest, Deanna Reder, Cree-Métis; and Eric Bell, a member of the Lac La Ronge Indian Band. In Cold Case North, Métis leader James Brady, one of the most famous Indigenous activists in Canada, a communist, strategist, and bibliophile, led Métis and First Nations to rebel against government and church oppression. Brady’s success made politicians and clergy fear him; he had enemies everywhere.

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