Price Paid: The Fight for First Nations Survival, paper ed 2017 FNCR


Bev Sellars was chief of the Xat’sull (Soda Creek) First Nation in Williams Lake, British Columbia, for more than 20 years, and she now serves as a member of its Council. Sellars was first elected chief in 1987 and has spoken out on behalf of her community on racism and residential schools and on the environmental and social threats of mineral resource exploitation in her region.

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Comeback: How Aboriginals are Reclaiming Power and Influence, The, paper ed


The Comeback: How Aboriginals are Reclaiming Power and Influence by John Ralston Saul, identified as Canada’s leading public intellectual presents a wide-ranging account of the First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples in Canada today. Historic moments are always uncomfortable, Saul writes in this impassioned argument, calling on all of us to embrace and support the comeback of Aboriginal peoples. This, he says, is the great issue of our time--the most important missing piece in the building of Canada.

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Illustrated History of Canada's Native People: I Have Lived Here Since the World Began, An, 4th edition, paper


An Illustrated History of Canada's Native People: I Have Lived Here Since the World Began is the 2016 revised and expanded edition of the earlier title, I Have Lived Here Since the World Began. Historian Arthur J. Ray offers the general reader an accessible overview of the history of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada from pre-contact to the twenty-first century.

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Freedom and Indigenous Constitutionalism, paper ed


Freedom and Indigenous Constitutionalism by John Borrows demonstrates how Canada’s constitutional structures marginalize Indigenous peoples’ ability to exercise power in the real world, John Borrows uses Ojibwe law, stories, and principles to suggest alternative ways in which Indigenous peoples can work to enhance freedom.

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First Nations People in Canada, paper ed


First Nations People in Canada is an accessible and up-to-date account of social demographics will be essential reading for students and scholars wishing to understand the full context of First Nations peoples in Canada. Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the University of Calgary James S. Frideres' introduction to the current status of First Nations considers often troubled relations with the federal government as well as their surprising resilience.

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In Divided Unity: Haudenosaunee Reclamation at Grand River, hardcover ed


In Divided Unity: Haudenosaunee Reclamation at Grand River is the welcomed addition to the literature about Six Nations of the Grand River recent history of the 2006 land reclamation at Caledonia from an authentic, grassroots-based perspective. Theresa McCarthy is the Onondaga Bear Clan professor of Native American studies at the University at Buffalo.

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Aboriginal Biographies: Political Leaders, hardcover ed


Aboriginal Biographies: Political Leaders one of the 2013 titles in Weigl Educational Publishers series about outstanding First Nation, Inuit, and Métis politicians. This title provides biographical details about the lives and careers of Elijah Harper Cree, Ethel Blondin-Andrew Dene, Romeo Saganash Cree, Paul Okalik Inuk, Shawn A-in-chut Atleo Nuuchahnulth, and Leona Aglukkaq Inuk. This 32-page resource offers elementary students with an introduction to First Nation and Inuit political leaders who have received Canadian and worldwide acclaim in their fields.

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Restoring the Chain of Friendship: British Policy and the Indians of the Great Lakes, 1783-1815, paper ed


Restoring the Chain of Friendship: British Policy and the Indians of the Great Lakes, 1783-1815 is a recent title by historian Timothy Willig of Onondaga Community College in Syracuse. His approach to the period is to examine the British policy to First Nations in the Great Lakes region following the American Revolution to the War of 1812. The focus of the thesis is the British policy toward First Nations at its Great Lakes agencies at Fort St. Joseph, Fort Amherstburg, and Fort George. The first chapter examines the Covenant Chain of Friendship over time.

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Who Are These People Anyway?, paper ed


Who Are These People Anyway? told by Chief Irving Powless Jr. of the Onondaga Nation is a valuable addition to the understanding of Haudenosaunee worldview. Edited by Lesley Forrester the volume in Syracuse University Press the Iroquois and Their Neighbors series offers readers a fine example of Iroquois oral history recorded as a collection of Haudenosaunee teachings. Irving Powless Jr. has been a chief of the Beaver Clan of the Onondaga Nation since 1964.

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