Mackenzie River Guide: A Paddler's Guide to Canada's Longest River, The, spiral bound


The Mackenzie River Guide: A Paddler's Guide to Canada's Longest River written by Michelle Swallow and illustrated by Farah Denkovski, documents the route, history and stories of the Mackenzie River from Hay River on Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories to Tuktoyaktuk on the Arctic Ocean. Paddler Michelle Swallow takes readers on an 1850 kilometer journey that with good weather and moderate mileage, will take a minimum of 48 days to complete.

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Atlas of Indian Nations, hardcover ed


Atlas of Indian Nations is a comprehensive resource for those interested in Native American and First Nations and Inuit histories and cultures. Told through maps, photos, art, and archival cartography, this is the story of Indigenous Nations of Canada and the United States. Organized by culture region, this encyclopedic reference details Indian tribes and First Nation in these areas: beliefs, sustenance, shelter, alliances and animosities, key historical events, and more. See the linguistic groupings and understand the constantly shifting, overlapping boundaries of the Nations.

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Delaware-English/English-Delaware Dictionary, paper ed


Delaware-English/English-Delaware Dictionary is the first modern dictionary of Munsee Delaware based on research carried out with speakers from Moraviantown, Ontario. The dictionary contains 7100 entries in the Delaware-English section and includes information on each word's grammatical category and gives examples of different inflected forms where appropriate. Also included are sample sentences used by Delaware speakers, grammatical usage and notes, cross references, and indications of words borrowed from English and Dutch.

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English-Cayuga / Cayuga-English Dictionary, paper ed


English-Cayuga/Cayuga-English Dictionary published by the University of Toronto Press offers linguists and second-language learners, and Cayuga language instructors a resource for the Cayuga language that is spoken on the Six Nations of the Grand River. It includes extensive appendices that cover weekdays, months, periods of time, numbers, money, nations, kin, Chiefs' names, place names, traditional and ceremonial language, government and business, Ganohonyohk (The Thanksgiving Address), particles, and a Cayuga grammatical sketch.

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American Indian: A Multimedia Encyclopedia Version 2.0, The UNAVAILABLE


The American Indian: A Multimedia Encyclopedia Version 2.0 is a comprehensive multimedia resource on Native American History and Culture. This CD-ROM contains the full-text of Facts On File titles: Encyclopedia of Native American Religions; Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes; Who Was Who in Native American History; Voices of the Winds: Native American Legends; Atlas of the North American Indian; and Word Dance: The Language of Native American Culture.

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Native American Clothing: An Illustrated History, hardcover ed


Native American Clothing: An Illustrated History is a 368-page coffee-table reference book that discusses the history of First Nations and Inuit peoples of North America and Mexico as seen though their clothing and regalia. Organized by 12 culture regions the book follows the standard anthropological format by discusses the broad traits of each region according to traditional stories (the author calls them myths), geography, with early historical facts, maps, spiritual beliefs, and everyday customs, notes about language, assimilation, and the impact of climate change.

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Arts and Crafts of the Native American Tribes, hardcover ed UNAVAILABLE


Arts and Crafts of the Native American Tribes is an authoritative illustrated reference examines in detail how Native American cultures in Canada and the United States changed and considers the regional similarities and differences of the arts and crafts created by the Nations of North America. With more than 400 contemporary and modern photographs, fine line illustrations, and step-by-step reconstructions show the techniques of manufacture and display the skill and artistry of the artisans.

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First in Canada: An Aboriginal Book of Days, hardcover ed


First in Canada: An Aboriginal Book of Days is a unique perpetual calendar of important dates in First Nations, Inuit, and Métis history. The focus is Canada and the research for the events focused on achievements and contributions. The book also includes significant dates such as Oka, the hanging of Louis Riel, and the death of Tecumseh during the War of 1812. Each month begins with the name of the month in an Aboriginal language.

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A to Z of the Inuit, The, paper ed


The A to Z of the Inuit is a dictionary resource, part of the Scarecrow Press series, The A to Z Guide. In this 198-page guide are more than 450 entries covering the histories and cultures of the circumpolar Indigenous peoples of Canada, Alaska, Russia, and Greenland. The entries briefly cover education, language rights, self-government and self determination, the militarization of their lands and their lives, climate change and pollution, and globalization.

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