Ancient America (Cultural Atlas for Young People), revised ed


Limited Quantity Full-colour maps, illustrations, and photographs of the cultures of North and South America. Minor factual errors, especially in section about the Iroquois. Includes chapters about the Olmec, Maya, Aztec, and Inca cultures. Useful reference atlas for elementary grades.

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Artistry in Native American Myths, paper ed


Karl Kroeber reconsiders many incorrect anthropological beliefs about Native American traditional stories and legends. He presents samples of legends that are organized into chapters titled mythic imagining, human cultures, animal cultures, trickster-transformer orality, and myth as historical process. Each of the five chapters follows the same format with a selection of legends, commentary and notes. Although Kroeber insists on using the term, myth, he notes that there is no consensus about the meaning of the term.

Price: $45.00

Creatures of Empire: How Domestic Animals Transformed Early America, paper ed


Creatures of Empire: How Domestic Animals Transformed Early America is an interesting account of the role European domestic animals played in the early history of European settlement in the United States. Little attention is often placed on the historical significance of domestic farm animals imported by the English who settled New England and the Chesapeake Bay. This historian takes relatively mundane historical records and accounts and turns those into a highly readable argument for the reasons Europeans expanded their settlements in America during the seventeenth century.

Price: $23.95

On Six Continents: A Life in Canada's Foreign Service, 1966-2002, paper ed


Memoirs of Ontario's Lieutenant-Governor's career as a diplomat in the Canadian foreign service. From his postings in Australia, Israel, and Cuba, Bartleman gives readers a sense of what life was like while working for the Canadian government. An entertaining and enlightening sequel to Bartleman's first memoir, Out of Muskoka. Penumbra Press, 2002.

Price: $22.99

Questions of Tradition, paper ed


Collection of 12 scholarly essays about the historical context of tradition and its meaning for the study of intellectual history and the study of culture. The first two essays cover issues raised by museum appropriation and repatriation of Indigenous Peoples' cultural property in Canada. Ruth B. Phillips explores museums in Canada and the US and how they are dealing with Haudenosaunee concerns about public display and handing of medicine masks in museum exhibitions and collections. Her article is Disappearing Acts: Traditions of Exposure, Traditions of Enclosure, and Iroquois Masks.

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Dzani Yazhi Naazbaa': Little Woman Warrior Who Came Home, hardcover ed


Dzani Yazhi Naazbaa': Little Woman Warrior Who Came Home - A Story of the Navajo Long Walk is a children's picture book that recounts the story of the Navajo Long Walk, 1863-1867, by a Navajo educator and linguist. This Navajo and English picture book retells the tragic story of hardship and sacrifice through the eyes of a twelve-year-old girl, Little Woman Warrior. A powerful story of one family's return to their beloved homeland after enduring imprisonment at Fort Sumner.

Price: $23.35

Saskatchewan First Nations: Lives Past and Present, paper ed


Saskatchewan First Nations: Lives Past and Present is one volume in the Canadian Plains Research Centre's series that features brief biographies of Saskatchewan people. This volume looks at the contributions of First Nations individuals born in Saskatchewan and how they worked to improve their communities and the province. A few Aboriginal People born elsewhere and who currently reside and work in Saskatchewan are also included. There are 125 biographical sketches written by volunteer researchers. The biographies range in length from half-page entries to 3-page essays.

Price: $23.95

Smiler's Bones, hardcover ed


OUT OF PRINT Smiler's Bones is a historical fiction novel that draws on the explorations of Robert Peary in 1897 and his actions that brought six Greenland Eskimos (Inuit) to New York City and put them on display at the American Museum of Natural History. The book focuses on the Minik, the son of Smiler (Qisuk) and his life in New York after the death of four members of their party including his father. The book uses flashbacks to tell Minik's story of his life as a young child in his home community and then his travels with Peary to New York City.

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