Sequoyah: The Cherokee Man Who Gave His People Writing, hardcover ed


Sequoyah: The Cherokee Man Who Gave His People Writing is a lyrical picture book about the importance of literacy to the Cherokee Nation. This story explains how the important contribution of Sequoyah (c.1767 - 1843), developed through trial and error, resulted in the Cherokee writing system. Despite many obstacles, Sequoyah constructed an alphabet unique to the Cherokee language so that his people could read and write. In this bilingual read aloud book, the author explains how Sequoyah developed 84 symbols for sounds found in Cherokee.

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Be Of Good Mind: Essays on the Coast Salish, paper ed


Be Of Good Mind: Essays on the Coast Salish is a collection of 10 essays that discuss and explore the peoples of the Coast Salish and how their cultural traditions continue in spite of years of contact. The essays are authored by anthropologists, linguists, historians, archaeologists and more importantly, Aboriginal scholars. Contributors include Bill Angelbeck, Crisca Bierwert, Daniel Boxberger, Keith Thor Carlson, Brent Galloway, Colin Grier, Alexandra Harmon, Nxaxalhts'I (Sonny McHalsie), Dave Schaepe, and Raymond (Rocky) Wilson.

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Sunpainters: Eclipse of the Navajo Sun, hardcover ed


Sunpainters: Eclipse of the Navajo Sun is a children's picture written and illustrated by Navajo artist Baje Whitethorne. He tells a story within a story drawn from his childhood experience and those of his young son about the solar eclipse and its meaning to the Navajo. A young Navajo boy named Kii Leonard is outside playing and listening to a radio when suddenly his grandfather calls the boy into the hogan. Kii Leonard expects to find his lunch meal waiting but grandfather tells him to sit down. Grandfather has something important to tell him because an eclipse is about to happen.

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Inuit Women Artists: Voices from Cape Dorset, paper ed


Since the late 1950s, the Cape Dorset community has symbolized the essence of Inuit art, thanks to the widely acclaimed work of artists such as Kenojuak Ashevak, Mayureak Ashoona, Pitseolak Ashoona, Qaunaq Mikkigak, Oopik Pitsiulak, Napachie Pootoogook, Lucy Qinnuayuak, Pitaloosie Saila and Ovilu Tunnillie. Their art—graphics, sculpture and jewellery—is shown here in 200 superbly printed reproductions, over 50 of which are in full colour.

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Looking at Totem Poles, paper ed


Looking at Totem Poles is a companion title to Stewart's Looking at Indian Art of the Northwest Coast. The author provides basic information about the Northwest Coast Cultural Region, an historical overview of totem poles, and a brief description of carving and raising poles. The second part of the book describes the figures and crests carved on totem poles as well as ceremonial and everyday objects. The final section describes in one-page essays the various totem poles found on the land in southern British Columbia, Vancouver Island, northern BC, and Alaska.

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Reclaiming the Vision - Past, Present and Future: Native Voices for the Eighth Generation, paper ed LIMITED QUANTITY


Reclaiming the Vision has its genesis in a gathering of more than 200 North American Native writers which took place in July of 1992. That landmark conference, called Returning The Gift, made the encouragement of Native American youth one of its main goals. The result is this carefully edited volume that blends together work from many of the Native writers who have been a part of Returning The Gift and Wordcraft Circle, the mentoring organization that is an outgrowth of the 1992 festival.

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Lightning Within: An Anthology of Contemporary American Indian Fiction, The, paper ed


American Indian stories have fascinated the world for all the right reasons: vigor, depth, subtlety, brightness. In the 1960s a brilliant renaissance began. Out of it came such gifted writers of fiction as N. Scott Momaday, James Welch, Leslie Marmon Silko, Gerald Vizenor, Simon Ortiz, Louise Erdrich, and Michael Dorris. In bringing them together, The Lightning Within celebrates some of the best work being done today in the novel and short story. Alan R.

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North American Indian Music (Watts Library), paper ed


North American Indian Music is an information book designed to address the general topic of Native American  music for elementary level students. This 2002 title employs the standard survey approach and describes American Indian Nations of the past. Explores the music of various American Indian cultures, discussing the traditional instruments and the history and meaning of some of the songs. Told from the outsider perspective this titles includes an index, bibliography, and colour photos. Guided Reading Level: S

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