Homophobia: Deal With It and Turn Prejudice into Pride, paper ed


Homophobia: Deal With It and Turn Prejudice into Pride is one of the titles in the Deal With It Series created to assist adolescents with everyday conflicts in their lives and promotes peaceful resolution.  This title examines how students can effectively deal with homophobia. The book covers how to take action against homophobic behaviours whether the student is the homophobe, the target, or the witness.

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Dead White Writer on the Floor: A Play, paper ed


Dead White Writer on the Floor uses two literary conventions - theatre of the absurd and mystery novels - to create one of the funniest and thought-provoking plays ever about identity politics. In Act One, six 'savages'; noble, innocent, ignorant, fearless, wise and gay, respectively; find themselves in a locked room with the body of a white writer, which they stash in a closet. None of them can figure out how he died or which of them might have killed him.

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Dance of the Wiindigo and Nanaboozhou: An Indigenous Journey through Hatred and Violence, The, paper ed


The Dance of Wiindigo and Nanaboozhou is a collection of First Peoples' responses to the questions of what is hatred and racism. This is a celebration of traditional teachings from Elders, activists, teachers and Wisdom Keepers of diverse Indigenous Nations. It is a story that addresses the realities of residential schools, child welfare, violence against Aboriginal Women, land reclamation, the justice system and gender/sexuality.

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Iskooniguni Iskweewuk, The Rez Sisters in its original version: Cree, paper ed


Iskooniguni Iskweewuk, The Rez Sisters written in Tomson Highway's first language, Cree. As Tomson explains in his Note on Dialect, in English, this edition is written in the TH dialect of Cree as spoken in northern Manitoba and northern Saskatchewan. The Rez Sisters, first published in 1988, has gone on to become an internationally critically acclaimed play, included in all major anthologies of Canadian literature world-wide. In honour of the play's 20th anniversary, this Cree version of the Rez Sisters is released by Fifth House.

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Becoming Two-Spirit: Gay Identity and Social Acceptance in Indian Country, paper ed


The Two-Spirit man occupies a singular place in Native American culture, balancing the male and the female spirit even as he tries to blend gay and Native identity. The accompanying ambiguities of gender and culture come into vivid relief in the powerful and poignant Becoming Two-Spirit: Gay Identity and Social Acceptance in Indian Country, the first book to take an in-depth look at contemporary American Indian gender diversity.

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Powwow (Ellis), paper ed


Powwow, edited by Clyde Ellis, Luke Eric Lassiter and Gary H. Dunham, is a recent publication from the University of Nebraska Press. This collection contains 14 scholarly articles about the origins, history, meanings, and ongoing importance of the powwow cultural tradition. The articles describe the origins of the powwow among the Hochunk as well as the continuing history of the powwow tradition among the peoples of the Plains. Patricia Albers and Beatrice Medicine reflect on forty years of involvement in Northern Plains powwow circuit.

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Futile Observations of a Blue-Eyed Ojibway: Funny, You Don't Look Like One, #4, paper ed


Futile Observations of a Blue-Eyed Ojibway: Funny, You Don't Look Like One, #4 is Ojibwe writer Drew Hayden Taylor's final installment of his humour-filled collection of essays and editorials. Topics in this collection cover Indian identity, reserve politics, art, literature, HaidaBucks vs. Starbucks, gay marriage, Christmas, SARS, and world travel. Since this Ojibwe writer's first collection in 1996, Theytus Books has published each offering.

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Killing Us Quietly: Native Americans and HIV/AIDS, paper ed


Killing Us Quietly: Native Americans and HIV/AIDS explores Native urban, reservation, and rural perspectives, as well as the viewpoints of Native youth, women, gay or bisexual men, in this study combining statistics, Native demography and histories, and profiles of Native organizations to provide a broad understanding of HIV/AIDS among Native Americans. The book confronts the unique economic and political circumstances and cultural practices that can encourage the spread of the disease in Native settings.

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Kiss of the Fur Queen: A Novel, paper ed


In Kiss of the Fur Queen: A Novel by Cree playwright Tomson Highway, Jeremiah and Gabriel Okimasis, two Cree Indian brothers, suffer a violent conversion to Christianity at a Catholic residential school in 1960s Manitoba. Born into a magical Cree world in snowy northern Manitoba, Champion and Ooneemeetoo Okimasis are all too soon torn from their family and thrust into the hostile world of a Catholic residential school. Their language is forbidden, their names are changed to Jeremiah and Gabriel, and both boys are abused by priests.

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Only Approved Indians: Stories, paper ed


In these short stories, Jack D. Forbes captures the remarkable breadth and variety of American Indian life. Drawing on his skills as scholar and Native American activist, and, above all, as artist, Forbes enlarges our sense of how American Indians experience themselves and the world around them. Though all the main characters are of Indigenous descent, each is a unique combination of tribal origin, social status, age, and life-style-from Native Elder and college professor to lesbian barmaid and Chicano adolescent. Nevertheless the U.S.

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