Contemporary Indigenous Cosmologies and Pragmatics, paperback ed. Available October 15, 2021.


In this timely collection, the authors examine Indigenous Peoples negotiations with different cosmologies in a globalized world. Dussart and Poirier outline a sophisticated theory of change that accounts for the complexity of Indigenous peoples’ engagement with Christianity and other cosmologies, their own colonial experiences, as well as their ongoing relationships to place and kin.

Price: $39.99

Think Indigenous: Native American Spirituality for a Modern World, paperback ed., Available April 13, 2021.


Think Indigenous: Native American Spirituality for a Modern World, is written by Doug Good Feather, Lakota, born and raised in the traditional indigenous ways of his elders on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in South Dakota and a direct descendant of Grandpa Chief Sitting Bull; with Doug Pineda, co-founder of Spirit Horse Nation.

Price: $22.99

Buffalo Shout, Salmon Cry: Conversations on Creation, Land Justice, and Life Together, paperback ed.


How can North Americans come to terms with the lamentable clash between indigenous and settler cultures, faiths, and attitudes toward creation? Showcasing a variety of voices—both traditional and Christian, native and non-native—Buffalo Shout, Salmon Cry offers up alternative histories, radical theologies, and poetic, life-giving memories that can unsettle our souls and work toward reconciliation.This book is intended for all who are interested in healing historical wounds of racism, stolen land, and cultural exploitation.

Price: $33.69

Akhwatsirehkó:wa – My Big Family, paperback ed.


'Akhwatsirehkó:wa – My Big Family” is a 450 page book by Indigenous lacrosse stars Brendan Bomberry and Brennor Jacobs who explore how the game of lacrosse has spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually aided players from all around the world, through their differing experiences within the sport. Dive into the world of lacrosse from an Indigenous perspective as we discover the affects and just how big of an impact the Creators game has had on those who have come to play the sport around the world.

Price: $75.00

Loss of Indigenous Eden and the Fall of Spirituality, paper ed.


In writing Loss of Indigenous Eden and the Fall of Spirituality, Blair Stonechild of Cree, Saulteaux, and Métis heritage, and member of the Muscowpetung First Nation, worked with Elders and reflects on his contact with Europeans as a Qu’Appelle Indian Residential School survivor, academic and historian. He has experienced efforts to eradicate Indigenous culture and spirituality first-hand as a residential school survivor and acknowledges this destruction on thousands of survivors unable to speak their language and detached from their culture and practices of spirituality.

Price: $32.95