Defamiliarizing the Aboriginal: Cultural Practices and Decolonization in Canada, paper ed


In Defamiliarizing the Aboriginal: Cultural Practices and Decolonization in Canada, Julia V Emberley examines the historical production of Aboriginality in colonial cultural practices and its impact on the everyday lives of Indigenous women, youth, and children. Adopting a materialist-semiotic approach, Emberley explores the ways in which representational technologies - film, photography, and print culture, including legal documents and literature - were crucial to British colonial practices.

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Makuk: A New History of Aboriginal-White Relations, paper ed


Makuk: A New History of Aboriginal-White Relations is a recent addition to the literature about the history Aboriginal and white relations along the Pacific Coast. Department of History at the University of Victoria professor John Sutton Lutz utilizes oral histories, manuscripts, newspaper accounts, biographies, and statistical analysis to describe the nature of First Nations involvement in the new economy following the arrival of Europeans until the 1970s.

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Taxidermic Signs: Reconstructing Aboriginality, paper ed


Taxidermic Signs: Reconstructing Aboriginality written by assistant professor of English at the University of Western Ontario Pauline Wakeman offers readers a fascinating look at taxidermy both literally and symbolically within the context of museums, ethnographic photography, phonography, film, forensic anthropology, and the human genome project. Chapters discuss Reading the Banff Park Museum: Time, Affect, and the Production of Frontier Nostalgia; Celluloid Salvage: Edward S.

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Everything You Know About Indians is Wrong, hardcover ed


Everything You Know About Indians is Wrong is a 2009 release from the Indigenous Americas series published by the University of Minnesota Press. This volume is written by Comanche writer Paul Chaat Smith, associate curator at the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian. This collection of 20 essays have appeared previously as speeches and essays from art catalogues, art periodicals, and in full-length scholarly publications.

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They Call Me Chief: Warriors on Ice, paper ed


They Call Me Chief: Warriors on Ice is a celebration of the history of First Nations, Métis and Inuit men who have played or coached hockey at the highest levels.  Players such as Fred Sasakamoose, George Armstrong, Jim Neilson, Reggie Leach, Stan Jonathan, Bryan Trottier, Ted Nolan, Gino Odjick, Theoren Fleury, John Cabot, and Jordan Tootoo are profiled in the book.

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Aboriginal Canada, Revisited, paper ed


Aboriginal Canada, Revisited is a collection of fourteen essays originally presented during the third Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies Symposium entitled, Aboriginal Peoples in Canada in the 21st Century, held in April 2005 at the University of Greifswald in Germany. This collection presents the essays organized by themes such as Health, Social Issues and Politics; Education; Imagining and Imaging the Indian; Literature; and Print Media and Film.

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Just Ask Us: A Conversation with First Nations Teenage Moms, paper ed


Just Ask Us: A Conversation with First Nations Teenage Moms written by Sylvia Olsen was funded as a project by the Aboriginal Healing Foundation. After Sylvia Olsen's daughter announced her pregnancy, this author and loving mother saw, what could be termed a crisis by some, as an opportunity to understand this cultural and national phenomenon of the teen mom. Olsen began her research by contacting and locating 13 teen and young adult moms who were from ages 15 through 24.

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White Girl, paper ed


Fifteen-year-old Josie Jessop goes from blending into the crowd to being the White Girl when her mother marries a First Nations man and moves them to his house on a reserve outside the city, where she must come to terms with her new home, new school, and new family amidst very few friendly faces. Josie has to come to terms with being identified as the White girl on the reserve as she strives to fit in and make this new family situation work. Josie must find her inner integrity with the help and guidance of her step-grandmother.

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Thunderbird Spirit, paper ed


Thunderbird Spirit is part of the Orca Sports series and is targeted for reluctant readers who require high interest and low vocabulary books. This hockey oriented title contains an exciting sports context as well as racism, mystery and friendship themes. The two main characters are teen boys who play hockey for a Seattle team. The one character named Mike is a reckless and often quick to anger youth who has just been traded to this Seattle team and is starting to wear out his welcome.

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White Lies About the Inuit, paper ed


White Lies About the Inuit by anthropology professor John Steckley dispels myths about the Inuit in this introductory text for college and university students. Canadian media and anthropology textbooks have led all to believe that the Inuit have 52 terms for snow, leave their Elders on ice floes to die, and that there are blond and blue-eyed Inuit descended from the Vikings. These lies and stereotypes are clearly laid to rest in this engaging book.

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