Je Suis Corbeau (I Am Raven), hardcover ed


Je Suis Corbeau (I Am Raven: A Story of Discovery) is the French edition by Métis author David Bouchard about the importance of understanding one's character. Using the exquisite illustrations of artist Andy Everson, the author explains this journey to self-knowledge using readily identifiable Northwest Coast imagery and story. Finding one's true identity through the story about a wise chief and his quest to organize a potlatch provides readers with concrete examples from the human and animal worlds.

Price: $22.95

Les Sept Enseignements Sacrés, hardcover ed


Les Sept Enseignements Sacrés, Niizhwaaswi aanike'iniwendiwin waabishiki mashkode bizhikiins ikwe is the French translation of Seven Sacred Teachings of White Buffalo Calf Woman. This picture book from Metis author David Bouchard is co-written with Joseph Martin; Cree translator Mary Cardinal; and published by Les Editions des Plainesza. This book is illustrated by Kristy Cameron. The book is packaged with a DVD featuring the story read in English, Cree, Ojibwe, French, South Slavey, and Chipewyan.

Price: $24.95

Le Secret de Ton Nom (The Secret of Your Name), hardcover ed


Le Secret de Ton Nom, Kiimooch ka shinikashooyen, Aen Kishchitaymook Aen Li Michif Iwik, is the 2010 children's picture book by renowned Métis author David Bouchard. The French and Michif book draws in readers with the warmth and detailed colour art illustrations by Dennis J. Weber as well as the poetic verses written in English and Michif. The story of the author's identity is told in the spare text and the engaging images. He begins with acknowledging the early contact period of the French and First Nations.

Price: $0.00

Muinji'j Becomes a Man, paper ed


Chief Mi'sel Joe has written an engaging chapter book, Muinji'j Becomes a Man, about a youth named Muinji'j who embarks on a life-changing canoe trip with Niskamij, his grandfather, to sell their furs and buy supplies in the distant city. The novel is organized into the four directions, East, South, West, and North, and readers learn early in the narrative that these are the cardinal directions for Mi'kmaq prayer. This first-person story contains Mi'kmaq terms, and sketches that will guide young readers to a gentle and informative story.

Price: $9.95

Dream Catcher, paper ed


IN REPRINT  Dream Catcher is a 92-page chapter book about a young Cree girl overcoming her fearful dreams with the guidance and knowledge of her Kohkom and an Elder. Marin frequently wakes up screaming during the night and her mother is concerned. Marin recounts a frightening dream that involves a spider and First Nation people from the distant past. Her mother consults Kohkom and the two help Marin prepare for a visit with Elder Muskwa. Marin is fearful of recounting her dream to a stranger but with her grandmother's gentle guidance Marin prepares a gift for the visit with the Elder.

Price: $14.95

7 Generations, volume 1: Stone, paper ed


A first graphic novel 7 Generations Stone by David Alexander Robertson and illustrator Scott B. Henderson introduce the first in a series of four novels. Set in contemporary Winnipeg, the book opens with a mother coming to the bedside of her hospitalized son Edwin. This Plains Cree teen is having difficulties with life and attempted suicide. His mother begins a healing journey with her son by explaining to him his ancestors' stories beginning with a 19th century Plains Cree man. The graphic novel is compelling and there is more than a glimmer of hope as this story ends.

Price: $13.95

Lacey and the African Grandmothers, paper ed


Lacey and the African Grandmothers is one of the titles in the Kids Power Series from Second Story Press. The author Sue Farrell Holler has adapted a true event into a fictionalized chapter book format. The story shows how one individual twelve-year-old Blackfoot girl can make a difference in the lives of African grandmothers who are caring for their orphaned grandchildren. Lacey tells the story from her perspective as a girl living on a First Nation reserve outside of Calgary where she is bussed to an off-reserve school.

Price: $17.95

Remember Me: Tomah Joseph's Gift to Franklin Roosevelt, hardcover ed


Remember Me: Tomah Joseph's Gift to Franklin Roosevelt is a children's picture book written by Passamaquoddy legislator Donald Soctomah and Mary Beth Owen about the gift of a birchbark canoe from Tomah Joseph to a young Franklin Roosevelt. Today a birchbark canoe is housed in the museum at Roosevelt Campobello International Park in New Brunswick. This canoe was made by Passamaquoddy canoe builder, guide, and tribal leader Tomah Joseph and gifted to the future 32nd President of the United States in 1905.

Price: $22.95

Legend of the Caribou Boy, The, paper ed


The Legend of the Caribou Boy, Ekw? Dozhýý Wegondi is a traditional Dene legend told by George Blondin, respected Elder and storyteller, and adapted by his late son John Blondin (1960-1996). This new Theytus publication is a bilingual picture book with the story printed in English and the Weledeh Dialect of the Dogrib/Tlicho (Na-Dene) language. This simply-told story for young children explains how long ago a young boy who was having difficult dreams was destined to provide a gift for his family and community.

Price: $19.95

Andrea's Fiddle, hardcover ed


Andrea's Fiddle is a children's picture book and accompanying audio CD that celebrates Métis fiddle music. The story is written by educator Blaine Klippenstein with colour illustrations by Christie Jedele. Both capture the joy of Métis fiddle playing in the story about an ancient spruce and its gift of a fiddle carved long ago by Andrea's great, great, great grandfather. In passing on the fiddle to his granddaughter, the Elder offers the story behind the fiddle and its music. The narrative seamlessly weaves factual information about Métis cultural history into this picture book.

Price: $25.00