3 Plays

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Alanis King
Grade Levels:
Eleven, Twelve, College, University
Odawa, Ojibwe, Saulteaux
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Fifth House Publishers
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3 Plays by Alanis King is the long-awaited first collection by playwright and director Alanis King who presents three exciting plays interconnected by themes of hope: spiritual (If Jesus Met Nanabush); personal (The Tommy Prince Story) and cultural (Born Buffalo). When Jesus turns up at the Champion of Champions Pow-Wow, the first person he meets is Nanabush. Together they form an odd pair. Nanabush is earthy, irascible, fun-loving. Jesus is formal, introverted, a fish out of water. However, as they venture across the back roads, bars and bus depots of Turtle Island, the two will discover that they are not so different after all. Merging Native and Western traditions, If Jesus Met Nanabush is a thought-provoking and often hilarious cosmological First Contact story. The Tommy Prince Story an emotionally charged drama that brings to light the incredible life and times of the great Saulteaux warrior. As Drew Hayden Taylor concluded: "This is Alanis at her finest." The final play is the lively Born Buffalo which will take the reader back into the mystical age of the buffalo alongside fraternal twins magically transformed into bison.

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