Decolonizing and Indigenizing Education in Canada

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Sheila Cote-Meek, Taima Moeke-Pickering
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College, University
Multiple Nations
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Canadian Scholars
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Decolonizing and Indigenizing Education in Canada edited by Sheila Cote-Meek, an Anishnaabe-Kwe from the Teme-Augama Anishnabai, and Taima Moeke-Pickering, Maori of the Ngati Pukeko and Tuhoe Tribes from Aotearoa - New Zealand, is an expansive collection exploring the complexities of decolonization and indigenization of post-secondary institutions. Seeking to advance critical scholarship on issues including the place of Indigenous epistemologies, knowledges, curriculum, and pedagogy, Decolonizing and Indigenizing Education in Canada aims to build space in the academy for Indigenous peoples and resistance and reconciliation. This 18-chapter collection is built around the two connecting themes of Indigenous epistemologies and decolonizing post-secondary institutions. Aiming to advance and transform the Canadian academy, the authors of this volume discuss strategies for shifting power dynamics and Eurocentric perspectives within higher education. Written by academics from across Canada, the text reflects the critical importance of the discourse on truth and reconciliation in educational contexts and how these discourses are viewed in institutions across the country. This expansive resource is essential to students and scholars focusing on Indigenous knowledges, education and pedagogies, and curriculum studies. Decolonizing and Indigenizing Education in Canada features discussion questions and further reading lists and offers practical examples of how one can engage in decolonization work within the academy. This work includes the perspectives of Canadian authors in varying academic positions and provides content specific to the Canadian education system.

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