E-nawe-sing Kidwenan- The Way the Words Sound

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Shirley Williams
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Shirley Williams

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E-nawe-sing Kidwenan, The Way the Words Sound: An Exploration of the Vowel Sounds Within Anishinaabemowin is the 55-page book developed by Dr. Shirley Ida Williams-Pheasant. Dr. Williams found the needs of today's Ojibwe language students require teachers to have techniques when dealing with learners who have become accustomed to writing the language being studied. Because Ojibwe is an oral language the teachers needed tools to aid their learners in pronunciation. The result is this guide for the consonant, vowel and other sounds heard when speaking Ojibwe. The book identifies basic consonants, basic syllables, nasal consonant sounds, glottal stop sounds, weak and strong sounds, alphabet not used, and a consonant-vowel syllable chart. The author provides a selection of words that begin with B, P, D, T, G, K, J, Ch, Z, S, Zh, Sh, M, N, W, and Y. A valuable Ojibwe language resource for educators and learners.

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