Welcome to British North America : Governance (HC)

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Heather Hudak
Welcome to British North America Series
Grade Levels:
Three, Four, Five, Six
Multiple Nations
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Beech Street Books
Welcome to British North America Series
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Welcome to British North America: Governance of British North America is one of the six volume set of 32-page books written by Heather Hudak for Beech Street Books. Designed for elementary students from grades 3 to 6 the books offer introductions to the history of British North America. In Governance the readers are provided with simple details about the French and British and their ways of life in the years following the split of Upper and Lower Canada. The chapters discuss how the government was run, and the men who were members of parliament. Leaders such as John Graves Simcoe and William Lyon Mackenzie are mentioned. The leaders just wanted British men to run the government and avoided incorporating French and the First Nations’ wants and needs into the system.  Each volume has a glossary of terms; suggested references; and an index.  The book contains simply written text illustrated with maps, charts, contemporary photographs and paintings. Each book has brief sidebars of additional details about a topic as well as suggested framing questions that assist students in using the historical inquiry method. Content Consultant is John Walsh, Department of History, Carleton University.  Guided Reading Level: V-W.  Recommended.

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