Lapin et Patte-d'ours: les sept vertus sacrées / Rabbit Sacred Seven (FR)

SKU: 9781927508015

Chad Solomon, Tanya Leary, Christopher Meyer
Grade Levels:
One, Two, Three, Four
Ojibwe, Woodland
Book Type:
Graphic Novel
Little Spirit Bear Productions
Copyright Date:

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Lapin et Patte-d'ours Les Sacrés Sept is the French edition of Rabbit and Bear Paws Sacred Seven, a new picture book series created by Chad Solomon, Tanya Leary, and Christopher Meyer.  The French translation is provided by Paul D. LeBlanc. The seven picture books contain the characters, 12-year-old Rabbit, 10-year-old Bear Paws, and 11-year-old Strawberry, developed by Chad Solomon in his The Adventures of Rabbit and Bear Paws graphic novel offerings. 

This new selection contains seven stand alone titles each one based on one of the Seven Grandfather Teachings: Courage, Honnêteté, Humilité, Amour, Respect, Vérité, and Sagesse. 

Each of the books features a respected animal or creature such as Buffalo (Bishikee, Respect), Mouse Waawaabigoonoojii, Humility), Eagle (Migizi, Love), Big Foot (Kitchi-Sabe, Honesty), Turtle (Mizheekay, Truth), Beaver (Ahmik, Wisdom), and Bear (Mukwa, Courage). Each book is 18 pages and features a brief description of each of the main characters. 

Simple colour illustrations by Chad Solomon support the storylines developed by Chad Solomon and educator Tanya Leary. The authors and illustrator use humourous storylines as the young heroes attempt to learn the true meaning of these traditional values by copying the actions of each animal or bird. The result is seven, fun-filled stories as the three friends learn something about the natural world and important lessons along the way.

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