Stories of Métis Women Tales My Kookum Told Me (FNCR 2022)

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Marilyn Lizee, Bailey Oster
Indigenous Spirit of Nature
Grade Levels:
Twelve, Adult Education, College, University
Mètis, Michif
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Durville and Uproute Books
Indigenous Spirit of Nature
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Stories of Métis Women, Tales my Kookum Told Me is an edited collection of stories about culture, history, and nationhood as told by Métis women. The editors are Marilyn Lizee, Métis Nation of Alberta, and Bailey Oster., Métis woman with roots in the Red River Settlement and St. Paul des Métis. The Métis are known by many names — Otipemisiwak, “the people who own ourselves;” Bois Brules, “Burnt Wood;” Apeetogosan, “half brother” by the Cree; “half-breed,” historically; and are also known as “rebels” and “traitors to Canada.” They are also known as the “Forgotten People.” Few really know their story. Many people may also think that Métis simply means “mixed,” but it does not. They are a people with a unique and proud history and Nation. In this era of reconciliation, Stories of Métis Women explains the story of the Métis Nation from a their own perspective. The UN has declared this “The Decade of Indigenous Languages” and Stories of Métis Women is one of the few books available in English and Michif, which is an endangered language.

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