Atlas of Indian Nations

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Anton Treuer
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Eleven, Twelve, College, University
Multiple Nations
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National Geographic Society
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Atlas of Indian Nations is a comprehensive resource for those interested in Native American and First Nations and Inuit histories and cultures. Told through maps, photos, art, and archival cartography, this is the story of Indigenous Nations of Canada and the United States. Organized by culture region, this encyclopedic reference details Indian tribes and First Nation in these areas: beliefs, sustenance, shelter, alliances and animosities, key historical events, and more. See the linguistic groupings and understand the constantly shifting, overlapping boundaries of the Nations. Follow the movement, growth, decline, and continuity of First Nations, Inuit, and Native Americans and their lifestyles. Authored by Ojibwe scholar Anton Treuer, this 320-page volume is a comprehensive resource for secondary and college level libraries. An extensive index documents First Nation reserves as well as the band or bands represented on each reserve. For example Six Nations of the Grand River lists the four Mohawk bands such as Bay of Quinte, Upper, Lower, and Walker Mohawk bands in addition to the community's official name. Highly recommended.

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