Zoe and the Fawn PB

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Catherine Jameson
Grade Levels:
Kindergarten, One, Two, Three
Okanagan, Plateau
Book Type:
Theytus Books Ltd.
Copyright Date:

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Zoe and the Fawn is a delightful 32-page children's picture book. The simple story revolves around a girl named Zoe and her father as they go outside to feed and water their horses and see a tiny fawn off in the distance. With the simple questions asked by Zoe about the location of the fawn's mother and father's gentle responses, the reader is taken on a magical adventure of the woods where there are birds and animals. Father has a camera and he takes pictures of the animals and birds and his watchful gaze helps Zoe to see a red flicker, a brown rabbit, and a rainbow trout as they search for the fawn's mother. The repetition of the questions and answers will delight young readers as the father and daughter continue the search. Zoe is careful not to startle the animals and her careful search is rewarded. At last Zoe and her father see the tiny fawn with its mother. Added to the engaging text is the inclusion of Okanagan (Syilx) language terms for the birds, animals, and fish. The words appear within the text but they do not interfere with the flowing rhythm. Okanagan (Syilx) terms are provided by Richard Armstrong, Syilx traditional knowledge and language specialist. The text is brought to life with the computer-generated images made from coloured and textured paper created by Metis artist Julie Flett. The details of the images are totally engaging and are a visual treat. This is a fine example of the quality publications released by Theytus Books. The respect for the environment and the inclusion of a First Nation language in the book make this a highly recommended children's title.

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