Nation Big Spirit: Le Protecteur d'Ós - John Ramsay / The Land of Os (FR)

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Robertson, David Alexander
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Four, Five, Six
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Nation Big Spirit : d'hier à Aujourd’hui
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Le Protecteur d'Ós : John Ramsay par David Alexander Robertson, traduit par Mathieu Arès et ilIlustré par Wai Tien 

est une livre de Nation Big Spirit : D’hier à aujourd’hui. D'hier à Aujourd’hui est une série unique de sept bandes dessinées qui plonge les lecteurs au cœur de l’histoire canadienne en s’intéressant à des figures autochtones marquantes, parfois méconnues. Lors d’une excursion organisée, Richard et ses camarades de classe de l’école de la nation Big Spirit tombent sur une vieille femme. Elle leur raconte alors l’histoire de son grand-père, John Ramsay, membre de la communauté de Sandy Bar, au lac Winnipeg, à qui le gouvernement a retiré les terres pour les offrir aux nouveaux colons venus d’Islande en 1875. Pourtant, nombre d’entre eux doivent leur vie à Ramsay, qui les a aidés à survivre au froid, à la faim et à une épidémie dévastatrice de variole.

The Land of Os: John Ramsay is one book in the Tales from Big Spirit series. Tales from Big Spirit is a unique six-book graphic novel series that uncovers stories of some of the great Indigenous heroes from Canadian history—some already well known and others who deserve to be. Designed to correspond to grades 4–6 social studies curriculums across Canada, these full colour graphic novels could be used in literature circles, novel studies, and book clubs to facilitate discussion of social studies topics. These books will help students make historical connections while promoting important literacy skills. This sixth volume celebrates the life of Saulteaux community leader John Ramsay. The story begins in present-day as a boy named Richard and his class from Big Spirit School takes a canoe trip. He and his classmates chance upon an elderly woman. She tells them the story of her grandfather, John Ramsay, of the Sandy Bar, a Manitoba community on Lake Winnipeg. Ramsay’s land was taken by the government and given to the new settlers from Iceland who arrived there in 1875. Yet many owed their survival to Ramsay, who helped them through freezing winters, hunger, and a devastating smallpox epidemic. Most elementary students have never heard of this period of Canadian history and with this recently released graphic novel teachers and students alike will be introduced to this outstanding First Nation man who aided the Icelandic settlers to Manitoba in the 1870s. Highly recommended.

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