Indigenous Communities in Canada - Salish-pb

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M. M. Eboch
Pacific NW, Salish
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Indigenous Communities in Canada
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‘Indigenous Communities in Canada: Salish Community’ is an elementary level information book from Beech Street Books about the past and present-day culture and history of Salish communities living in the southwest region of Canada and northwest United States as Coast or Interior Salish. Salish life at school and work changed dramatically when traditional ways were restricted. Restrictions were challenged with the Salish recovery of their right to fish for food and to education. Salish traditionally eat off the land through hunting and fishing using fishing poles and other means. Salish communities have their own spiritual beliefs and rituals and spirit dancing and shamans are part of this as is Christianity for some Salish. The text uses colour images and content that introduces primary and junior level students to the Salish with a map of Salish territory. There is also pronunciation guidance for Salish words with English translations, inquiry questions, a table of contents, glossary, information on learning more with websites and an index.

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